Comprehensive Professional Activation Programme for People Aged 50+

Comprehensive Professional Activation Programme for People Aged 50+

16.08.2010 - 16.07.2012
1 853 131,48 PLN

The labour market analyses carried out on a daily basis in qualitative and quantitative research requested by central authorities, local governments, scientific institutions, and private entrepreneurs regularly highlight the problem of professional (occupational) exclusion of people over fifty years of age from the labour market. This trend may grow due to the late retirement age and further changes in the occupational structure of the Polish society. One of the priorities of the social policy of the Polish state is to prevent these problems. Systemic support for state and private institutions acting for social change is provided by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Programme.

Making use of European Union funds, Kozminski University undertook to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the whole issue. KU based its analyses on desk research (data from existing market diagnoses and professional activation programmes) and supported the found data additionally by a survey conducted in the Masovia province. The university’s main partner and entity implementing the research stage was one of the leaders in the domain of market research – SMG/KRC Millward Brown. KU was in charge of compiling the obtained data, of desk research, and of the design of an appropriate strategy for the 50+ group. Moreover, KU conducted a number of consultation sessions with e.g. representatives of employers, representatives of employers’ organisations and labour market institutions, as well as with employees themselves. The project ended with a conference discussing professional exclusion among people in mature and advanced age, which involved popularising the information obtained as part of the  “Comprehensive Professional Activation Programme for People Aged 50+”.

The success of the project is evidenced by the positive assessment of the controlling institution, the Mazovian Unit for Implementation of EU Programmes, and the warm reception of the results of the analysis among labour market specialists, entrepreneurs, and journalists. It is important to add that the entity implementing the project shared the obtained results with the interested parties, in the form of e.g. a series of articles in trade press. The research results obtained under the project act as the basis for further work in the indicated area.

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