Prof. Izabela Grabowska

Department of Economics
Full Professor

Professor Izabela Grabowska is sociologist and economist; full professor of social sciences; I was granted PhD by Department of Economics at University of Warsaw and Master Degrees (in economic sciences by University College Dublin and in sociology by University of Wroclaw); in 2021 I joined the Department of Economics at Kozminski University, and set up, as a director, CRASH Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility; in 2016-2021 I was a director of Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of SWPS University, Warsaw; in 2002-2019 I was Research Fellow at the Centre of Migration Research in Warsaw (currently I am a member of its Scientific Board); in 2008-2019 I was a member of IMISCOE Executive Board and Board of Directors; I am a national expert of the European Commission in: ESCO and European Mobility Partnership; now for European Labour Agency, for European Employment Services EURES; I am a co-author of research monograph: Migration and the Transfer of Informal Human Capital. Insights from Central Europe and Mexico (with Jastrzebowska; Routledge 2022); The Impact of Migration on Poland: EU Mobility and Social Change (with White, Kaczmarczyk and Slany, UCL Press 2018) and Migrants as Agents of Change (with Garapich, Jazwinska and Radziwinowiczowna, Palgrave Macmillan 2017); co-editor of Mobility in Transition. Migration Patterns After EU Enlargement (Amsterdam University Press 2013). I led research projects on: migrants’ careers, social remittances, peer-groups & migration (ended in 2020), life courses of young migrants & Brexit (ended in 2021), migrant liquid integration (H2020 MIMY, ended in 2023). In 2023 I won as a scientific coordinator Horizon Europe research project Link4Skills.  More at:; contact at: 

Selected articles

Grabowska, I., Ryan, L. (in press). Return Migration and Embedding: through the Lens of Brexit as an Unsettling Event. Comparative Migration Studies.   Grabowska, I. (2023). Societal dangers of migrant crisis narratives with a special focus on Belarussian and Ukrainian borders with Poland. Frontiers in Sociology, 7, 1084732.

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Grabowska, I., & Jastrzebowska, A. (2023). Migration informal human capital of returnees to Central Europe: a new resource for organisations. Central European Management Journal, 31(1), 14-29. 

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