Prof. Grażyna Wąsowicz

Department of Economic Psychology
Associate Professor

Professor Grażyna Wąsowicz, she holds a Ph.D. in psychology (Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw and an Economic Psychology course from Tilburg University, Netherlands) and a habilitation in social science with specialization in psychology (Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw). She received scholarships from the Tempus Public Foundation and the Ginsberg Foundation operating within the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw (Tilburg University, Netherlands). She won four University of Warsaw Rector’s Awards and three Kozminski University Rector’s Awards. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Panel for Behavior Change. Wąsowicz has many years of experience in managing teaching (specialization, postgraduate studies, and training) and scientific projects financed by the European Union (Seventh Framework Program, Horizon 2020) and Poland (Ministry of Health). She authored the concept of the cross-elasticity of financial and behavioral resources and the psychological model of financial competence. She published books that describe attitudes toward money and their psychological meaning in people’s life, Psychologia finansowa (Financial Psychology) and Postawy wobec pieniędzy (Attitudes Toward Money), both issued by the Difin publishing house; she also published articles in prestigious JCR-listed journals on consumer behavior in terms of health. As part of a broad international collaboration, she currently studies sustainable consumption, but also the relationship of emotions and color perception and its significance in marketing communication. Professor Wąsowicz prefers an interdisciplinary approach in her scientific work and thus cooperates with economists, researchers of consumer behavior (including pro-health behavior), along with representatives of nutritional sciences and business world representatives from Poland and abroad. She is an experienced teacher of bachelor, master’s, and postgraduate students of economics, finance, and consumer psychology, along with the methodology of social sciences and negotiation.

Publikacje w czasopismach naukowych:


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