Activ 50+ – Instruments Supporting the Professional Activity of Employees




01.04.2014 - 29.05.2015
1 996 250,00 PLN
KU's budget: 463 723,92 PLN

Today, there is a clear showing that the society of Poland is ageing. The response to these ongoing demographic changes is the “Activ 50+ - instrumenty wspierające aktywność zawodową pracowników” programme. The aim is to activate the increasingly larger population of people aged 50+. Thinking about the future of Poland, seniors should be encouraged to take up education and engage in a range of various activities. The main idea behind the initiative is, first of all, to work out innovative solutions making it possible to keep professionally active people aged 50+ in the Mazovia province in employment and to help them improve their competitiveness in the labour market.

The activities undertaken included the creation of:

  • A GUIDE TO AGE MANAGEMENT POLICY IN SMEs (produced by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy) accompanied by a video promoting age management and equal opportunities for all ages, with particular emphasis on the situation of women.
  • A SET OF TOOLS TO DIAGNOSE THE PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES OF PROFESSIONALLY ACTIVE INDIVIDUALS AGED 50+ in SMEs (the product was developed by Kozminski University) to diagnose the gaps in employees’ professional competencies in relation to the requirements for the positions they hold.
  • AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP NAVIGATOR (developed by the Capital City of Warsaw), a tool designed to show step by step what steps a 50+ person needs to take to start their own business. The application will also tell its user where to get additional (counselling, financial, training) assistance.
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