Academy of entrepreneurship

Academy of entrepreneurship

Get inspired!



01.10.2014 - 30.09.2015
359 947,78 PLN

In its educational mission, Kozminski University emphasises active strategies to support students and graduates in the process of entering the job market. Among the various initiatives that make it easier for young people to start their professional life, KU offers a series of classes developing practical competencies in the field of entrepreneurship. Launched in 2014, the Academy of Entrepreneurship: Get inspired! programme was co-financed by the European Social Fund and involved collaboration with businesses. 

One of the fundamental ideas of the programme was open meetings with entrepreneurs to become familiar with potential workplaces – the so-called company visits were preceded by special workshops conducted by instructors involved with KU and the business environment. The basic and additional courses (Entrepreneurial Competence Development Programme) involving learning e-business, international entrepreneurship, change simulation, and risk assessment in business projects. 

Ultimately, in the course of the Academy of Entrepreneurship, 90 students of Kozminski University improved their entrepreneurial competencies through consulting, training sessions, and practical classes taught with the use of innovative methods. A separate goal achieved by KU thanks to the programme was the development and practical verification of the Entrepreneurship Development Strategy – the solutions worked out will be of systemic benefit to all students and graduates of KU in the long run. As part of the project, a publication entitled “Exploring Entrepreneurship: Inspirations from the Field” (edited by Svetlana Gudkova, PhD) was issued – it is a collection of case studies based on the most interesting consulting projects for companies, compiled in the form of a set of educational materials.

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