Academic Masovia

A regional foresight for higher education institutions of Warsaw and Masovia




30.10.2009 - 28.02.2012
5 466 384,00 PLN; KU’s budget: 515 253,15 PLN Financial support: European Regional Development Fund (within the framework of: Sub-measure 1.1.1. Research projects with the use of foresight method of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme)

The institutions associated within the initiative developed models for the evolution of higher education institutions of the Masovia province by the year 2030, which are to support the efficient operation of scientific institutions in changing market conditions. The undertaken activities resulted in a definition of the strategic areas of academic education for the needs of knowledge-based economy in 4 areas: technology, biology, social sciences, and the humanities. This also involved identifying the key pathways to facilitate the collaboration between higher education institutions and lower-tier education institutions and the economic sector.

In the project, Kozminski University was responsible for drawing up special strategic reports – including SWOT analyses of scenarios and the OMA model, for organising and running competitions for printed publications, and for monitoring the entire process involving making these publications ready for printing, followed by publishing thereof.

The project resulted in a considerable number of publications covering the situation of today’s higher education, which inspired an animated public discussion on the subject in wider circles. The outcomes of the project are a good source material for those preparing to design development strategies for their HEIs.