Double Degree Master in Finance and Accounting with University of Porto 2-year program

About the program 

In 2016 Kozminski University signed a double-degree agreement with the University of Porto. A group of KU students majoring in Corporate Finance will spend two semesters studying at KU and two – at the UP.

Studying in Portugal for a full Master's Program often coincides with huge costs. Thanks to the double degree program you will be able to attend and gain a diploma of a renowned Portuguese university by spending just a part of your studies there.

After completing all the required courses participants of the program will obtain graduate degrees of both partner universities:

  • Master in Finance and Accounting of KU
  • Master in Finance of the UP

Cooperation network is a very valuable asset for KU and we are proud to have the University of Porto among our partners. UP is one of the most prominent educational institutions in Portugal combining distinguished research work and advanced academic courses.

While preparing the program of the double-degree, we combine the most effective educational approaches and methods of both universities in order to find a perfect combination of academic excellence and relevance to practice. We truly believe that the double degree program will become a springboard to a successful career for the participants.

Dr Paulo Pereira - Program Director, FEP-UP:

"I am sure the double-degree Program will be a remarkably rewarding experience for the participants. We offer more than relevant business knowledge: we introduce international exposure and a holistic out-of-the-box perspective of graduate education. Participants will be surrounded by high-profile industry professionals and academicians, who will inspire and challenge their ideas, thereby shaping a unique learning environment. I taught several advanced courses at KU and genuinely enjoyed this experience. I like the atmosphere of the place, the constant pursuit of excellence which makes me being proud of having KU among the partners of FEP-UP".

Class schedule 

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Admission requirements 

Double Degree program in Finance and Accounting is available only to students of standard Master in Finance and Accounting program. Students should apply in the first year of the standard program for the possibility to participate in the Double Degree. The admission requirements for Master in Finance and Accounting are available HERE

The admission to Double Degree program is based on students GPA during studies at Kozminski University. Double Degree application may require submission of additional documents. Concerning the details you may contact the Coordinator of Double Degree programs:

Ms. Paulina Seroka

tel. +48 22 519 24 93  

Tuition and fees