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Road to Happiness Simulation Game Workshops

Road to Happiness  Simulation Game Workshops   Join Us for a Unique Gaming Experience and Contribute to Sustainability Research!

Welcome to The Road to Happiness, a simulation game designed to promote awareness and understanding of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a business context. Aimed at university-level management education, this innovative game blends project management, change management, and sustainable business practices to provide practical insights into achieving sustainable growth. The free event will be held at our University in D/217 on: 

• 05.06.14:00 • 10.06. 14:00 • 12.06. 14:00 • 18:06. 13:00

* Each day is a separate game. The game is scheduled for 3h and requires no additional preparation from the participants. 

What to Expect:Realistic Simulation: Experience a realistic business simulation that integrates sustainability challenges with the strategic elements of management. • Strategic Insights: Gain insights into the importance of SDGs in business and how strategic decision-making can shape sustainable business practices. • Contribute to Research: Be a part of crucial research on the impact of SDGs on business models, with findings to be presented at the 2024 ISAGA conference in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Game Overview: • Players and Roles: Groups of 3-5 students select management board roles and responsibilities. • Company Selection: Players choose a company profile card that provides all necessary details for strategic planning. • Goal Setting: Players select one of 17 SDG cards as their primary business objective. • Project Implementation: The newly formed management board will plan and implement a new business project, combining business and sustainable goals, with the incentive of special tax breaks for companies that incorporate SDGs. • Resource Management: Players receive a set number of coins representing the project budget and must make decisions that align with their goals.

Game Phases: 1. Decision-Making: Players navigate challenges and opportunities involving economic, social, environmental, international, and technological considerations. 2. Presentation: Teams present their decisions, showcasing their leadership skills and receiving feedback on their sustainability journey. 3. Feedback: Facilitators evaluate the impact of the team's decisions on the company's sustainability journey, adjusting budgets accordingly.

A 30-item questionnaire, employing a 1-5 Likert scale, will measure shifts in participants' perceptions regarding SDG integration in business models, the role of businesses in achieving SDGs, and the application of project management tools in implementing sustainable solutions. Pre-game questionnaires will establish baseline attitudes and knowledge, with post-game questionnaires revealing any significant changes, aiming to scientifically validate the game's educational effectiveness. Results of the study will be shared with participants.   We look forward to your participation in this unique learning experience that blends business strategy with sustainability!  

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