EMAC Regional Conference 2021
22 Września
EMAC Regional Conference 2021

EMAC Regional Conference 2021 Warsaw, Poland 22-24 September   Extending boundaries: The impact of digital world on marketing

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

Heraclitus of Ephesus


Digital revolution has radically transformed marketing environments, inducing profound changes in organizations, their marketing activities and research. Nowadays, we assume digital marketing to be something natural. Can digitalization, however, progress even further? What further changes should we expect? Or maybe, on contrary, we need a digital detox? What are the challenges to marketing in the era of automation and big data?

The Conference focuses on the impact of technology on marketing. It aims to diagnose what changes digitalization brings to marketing theory and practice, and what are the directions of the development of digital environments and marketing.

About EMAC

The European Marketing Academy (EMAC) is a professional society for people involved or interested in marketing theory and research established in 1975. The purpose of the European Marketing Academy is to provide a society for persons professionally concerned with or interested in marketing theory and research. Its aims are to serve as the core of a communication network for disseminating information and promoting international exchange in the field of marketing.

At present, the Academy has over 1000 members from more than 57 different countries in all five continents.

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Speakers and Organizers
Prof. Dr. Andreas M. Kaplan

Rector & Dean ESCP Paris & Berlin

Keynote Speaker

Professor Kaplan’s research focuses on analyzing and decrypting the digital world, in particular the areas of social media and artificial intelligence. With several seminal articles and + 30,000 citations on Google Scholar, Professor Kaplan has been counted among the worldwide top 50 business and management authors according to John Wiley & Sons. Furthermore, broadly covered Stanford study recognized Kaplan as one of the world’s top-cited and impactful scientists. Professor Kaplan has teaching experience in top-tier schools and universities such as Harvard, Sciences Po Paris, and Tsinghua University.

With over ten years of leadership experience in higher education, Professor Kaplan serves as Dean and Rector of ESCP Business School Paris and Berlin. Previously, he held positions as Dean for Academic Affairs, Director of Brand and Communications, and elected Head of the Faculty's marketing department. Kaplan is particularly interested in the future of education impacted by digital transformation, increased competition, and reduced public funding, and has published extensively in this area in academic and practitioner journals.

Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek

Program Committee Chair

Associate Professor of (Digital) Marketing at Kozminski University. His research activities are focused on various aspects of digital transformation and the impact of emerging technologies on marketing. His research studies – papers and chapters -  can be found among others in: European Management Journal, Business Horizons, Journal of Management Analytics, Routledge and Emerald. At Kozminski University he is academic director of several postgraduate study programmes: Digital Marketing, Electronic Commerce, Digital Transformation. He is also Director of the CYBERMAN Digital Transformation Research Center. Since 2020 he serves as Kozminski University’s Rector.

Jolanta Tkaczyk, PhD

Organizational Committee Chair

Researcher at the Kozminski University in the Department of Marketing. Since 2007 Director of Postgraduate Program in Marketing and Management and academic director of Postgraduate Program in Fashion Management. A specialist in conducting training in marketing, market analysis, advertising, sales techniques, customer service, brand management and consumer behavior. Chairwoman of the organizing committee of three national conferences and co-chairwoman of the international conference. Academic director of professional and graduate programmes in marketing. Member of EMAC since 2011.

Marcin Awdziej, PhD

Organizational Committee Chair

Researcher at the Kozminski University in the Department of Marketing. His interests focus on marketing issues in various business sectors, especially in the context of strategies and consumer behavior. He has published many articles in the field of marketing, cooperated as a consultant with numerous Polish and international companies. In 2002 he completed the program of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, receiving the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. Academic director of undergraduate programme in marketing. Since 2017 he is the national representative of EMAC for Poland.

Przemysław Tomczyk, PhD

Organizational Committee Member

Researcher at the Kozminski University in the Department of Marketing. Specialist in the field of scientific research and teaching conducted in the area of CRM, in particular analysis of the client portfolio, customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer knowledge (Knowledge from Customer - KfC). Director of postgraduate studies in marketing research and analysis and marketing automation.