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DIVE INTO SPACE - event of Space Section

Space section invites you to DIVE INTO SPACE! 

When? 30.05, Tuesday, 6:00 pm  Where? Room D200, car park behind KU 

The event will be begun with Professor Michael Byers' lecture "Who owns the outer space" presenting a geopolitical perspective of current space exploration.

Michael Byers' description of the lecture: 

Can we mine the Moon? Will space debris prevent future launches? Can Elon Musk really colonize Mars? All of these questions are highly pertinent today. For space has become a very busy place, with 180 launches occurring in 2022 alone. It is an important part of the global economy, involving nearly half-a-trillion dollars of activity annually. It is also increasingly militarized, through the heavy use of Earth imaging and communications satellites and the related development of anti-satellite weapons. At the same time, space still sees considerable cooperation, including between the United States and Russia on the International Space Station. And now, rapid technological developments such as reusable rockets are opening the door to space mining and the future human settlement of other celestial bodies. All these developments create challenges for national and international policy makers. They also cast new light onto the disciplines of international relations and international law and their traditional problems and theories.  This will be followed by Robert Nowakowski, an alumnus of our university - in his lecture, he will tell why it is worthwhile to take a professional interest in the space from the perspective of a PR marketer.

The evening will be concluded  with astronomical observations using telescopes. It will be a real evening with our heads in the stars!  

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Michael Byers

Michael Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia. He also co-directs the Outer Space Institute, a global network of space experts united by their commitment to transdisciplinary research that addresses grand challenges in the use and exploration of space. Dr. Byers has been a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University; a Professor of Law at Duke University; and a Visiting Professor at the universities of Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Nord (Norway) and Novosibirsk (Russia). Together with astrophysicist Aaron Boley, he is the co-author of a new book – Who Owns Outer Space? –published by Cambridge .