„Wprowadzenie do programowania w VBA” – wykład ONLINE dr. Błażeja Podgórskiego. więcej
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Zapraszamy na wykład ONLINE: „Wprowadzenie do programowania w VBA”, który poprowadzi dr Błażej Podgórski.

Będzie to wykład dla osób, które swobodnie poruszają się w Excelu i chcą wiedzieć więcej.

Wykład odbył się 25 marca o godz. 12:15.

Wirtualne zajęcia prowadzone przez wykładowców ALK, podobnie jak te organizowane w trybie stacjonarnym, mają na celu codziennie wsparcie licealistów i studentów w przygotowaniu do matury i zaliczeń przedmiotowych. Tym razem odbędą się one w zaciszu domowym każdego zainteresowanego. Zapraszamy nie tylko uczniów i studentów, ale także osoby pozostałe osoby w każdym wieku.

Informacje na temat wszystkich wykładów

#stayathome and join our online courses in English! więcej

Dear students, candidates, and friends of Kozminski University,

we have prepared a series of interesting courses/workshops, which will no doubt make this time of isolation a little bit more interesting and productive!

Especially for our international community, these courses will be delivered 100% in English, so feel free to join no matter which country you are coming from!

Schedule of the courses:

Wednesday, 25.03 at 3:30 PM  "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" by Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska
Together with one of the foremost Polish specialists in the field of AI, the participants will have the opportunity to talk about machine learning, natural language processing and machine vision in business applications.
Link to the meeting

Thursday, 2.04 at 3:30 PM "Working Online in Dispersed Teams" by Kaja Prystupa-Rządca, Ph.D.
What better time is there to learn how to properly function while working together from a distance than the current global situation. Kaja Prystupa-Rządca invites you for a journey full of knowledge and good practices to enhance the effectiveness of online working.
Link to the meeting

Wednesday, 8.04 at 3:30 PM "Big Data Algorithms from a student's perspective" by Prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz

Participants of the workshop will have the chance to familiarize themselves with projects utilizing financial algorithms, which our students have developed during the course of studies on our Big Data Science Master's Program. Each group will have a possibility to show how their own Robo-advisory algorithms work,  and what are the components and requirements needed to create them. In the end, we will test the accuracy of the developed algorithms.
Link to the meeting

Thursday, 16.04 at 3:30 PM "Health Economics and Big Data" by Prof. Katarzyna Kolasa

Health Economics & Big Data ROCKS!
Haven't you heard about health economics yet? Please join us to learn about success stories of how Big Data has changed healthcare and created billionaires. Which the growing tsunami of data, Health economics is getting more and more interests from decision-makers, pharma businesses and developers of medical technologies. They all need YOU to help them analyze and interpret data to make better decisions that will save lives!
Link to the meeting

For more information feel free to contact Rene Helmans via messenger or e-mail: rhelmans@kozminski.edu.pl