Wydarzenia Po Angielsku
#stayathome and join our online courses in English! 25.03.2020więcej

Dear students, candidates, and friends of Kozminski University,

we have prepared a series of interesting courses/workshops, which will no doubt make this time of isolation a little bit more interesting and productive!

Especially for our international community, these courses will be delivered 100% in English, so feel free to join no matter which country you are coming from!

Schedule of the courses:

Thursday, 23.04 at 3:30 PM "COVID-19, Clicks and Fear: Media Ethics in Troubled Times” by Prof. Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer

This short introductory class will outline the role of media organizations in times of both increased global information flows and insecurity, as exemplified by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We will look at the principles and at the activities of media organizations delivering news in a reality of heightened public fear; the economy of clicks; and the role of clickbait in news delivery. Finally, we will discuss the significance of media organizations’ fight against disinformation, while struggling for audience attention.
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Thursday, 30.04 at 3:30 PM "Discovery of Entrepreneurial Opportunities: creative inspiration or thorough analysis?" by Svetlana Gudkova, Ph.D.

Why some people are able to discover entrepreneurial opportunities, while others are not? This is one of the key questions asked in the field of entrepreneurship. During the class we will look inside the process of identification of business opportunities: analyze the role of cognitive mechanisms in creative thinking and discuss how we can develop our ability to discover entrepreneurial opportunities.
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For more information feel free to contact Rene Helmans via messenger or e-mail: rhelmans@kozminski.edu.pl