ACCA Professional 


EY Academy of Business


The objective of the programme is to provide its participants with skills essential to professionals in contemporary organisational management. Course participants will gain highly valued knowledge used in the processes of making business decisions shaping the future of their companies regardless of the industry or location.

ACCA certification includes all these elements and is commonly acknowledged in the international community.


After finishing the course, programme participants will be ready to pass ACCA* exams at the Professional level with a good result at the first attempt.

ACCA is a prestigious professional certificate offered under the auspices of the British Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

The certificate opens the door to a career in finance and accounting as:

  • a financial controller,
  • a financial manager,
  • a reporting manager,
  • a CFO, and many more.

The skills gained during the course are also used also in non-finance-related jobs, e.g. in HR, marketing.

Programme participants will learn how to effectively persuade their colleagues, superiors, managers and company owners to accept their own solutions using concise and to-the-point presentations and strong arguments based on a professional analysis of their organisational environments. They will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills they will be able to apply in their everyday work and to develop the businesses they manage or run themselves.

The programme covers issues essential to understanding and managing finance in a business of any type and any size.

By taking part in the ACCA Professional programme, programme participants are given a unique opportunity to work in teams and motivate each other to study, establish new relationships and work directly with their coach as well as – assuming the right level of engagement – to prepare themselves well to the forthcoming exams. 

All classes are taught in English by experienced coaches from EY Academy of Business. The classes not only provide programme participants with expert knowledge but also teach them how to use it in practice. The coaches teach the best exam-taking techniques, which helps in planning the time given for the exam. 

An additional advantage is the opportunity to improve one’s business English skills.

*notice. In order to take the examination, the course participant needs to be registered at, pay the examination fee directly at ACCA, and obtain an exemption from taking lower-level ACCA exams or pass such exams.


ACCA Professional is addressed to those who wish to aim at a high professional position in any field of economy of interest to them.


Iwona Cieślak, PhD 

Doctor of economics in the field of management sciences. Faculty member of the Department of Accounting at Kozminski University. Coordinator of the Internal Audit postgraduate programme. Specialist in the field of internal audit and accounting. Certified business coach (e.g. at the Education Center of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors). Conducts research in the area of controlling theory and standards, legislation concerning keeping financial records and making financial reports, the impact of fraud on the financial situation of businesses and on the credibility of financial statements. Practitioner of internal audit and management control. Certified risk management manager. Author of many publications on accounting. Co-creator and teacher of ACCA-accredited courses at Kozminski University. Member of the Management Board of Kozminski Business Hub sp. z o.o.


The condition to complete the programme is to prove one’s knowledge of all the content taught during the course. There are examinations taking place after each module. Programme participants are additionally required to take active part in the classes. The instructors specify the scope of programme participants’ own work for each module.

Małgorzata Cybulska