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About the program

In case of pandemic restrictions, we’re prepared to conduct classes online.

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Managing global projects

The aim of this programme is to prepare current and prospective project and programme managers for the management and coordination of transition and transformation projects and programmes. The delegates will gain core skills and competencies for managing global projects with a focus on organisational/service transition.

Project Management Institute® Talent Triangle

Apart from general project management modules the programme covers other key skills and competences such as organisational transition, leadership, virtual and multicultural team management, facilitation, coaching and mentoring, creative problem solving and visual thinking. Based on Project Management Institute® Talent Triangle which represents the skillset that organisations have deemed as critical for project practitioners the Transition Management Academy meets the expectations of today’s complex business environment.  

Set of essential skills

Today to succeed just having the technical domain skills is not enough. To truly succeed we need technical project management skills, leadership capabilities and strategic and business management proficiency.

Why Transition Manager Academy is the best choice in these turbulent times?

- It is the only one project management training program in Poland based on the PMI Talent Triangle®, where we teach not only how to run complex projects and programs in the most efficient way, but also help people to move through personal transition. I has been summarised by one of the students: "I joined the program to open the doors, but the Transition Manager Academy opened my eyes”.

- It will guide you through an exploration of what it is to be a leader of others for processes of significant transitional change. Much of our focus is on the skills, capabilities, values and beliefs needed to be able to guide yourself as leader, and others, through our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

- Central to our teaching is a belief in the value of curiosity in a leader – the ability to be comfortable whilst being in, and actively demonstrating the behaviors, the come from a ‘not knowing’ state; a state of curiosity which we believe to be key to enabling the learning and adaptability needed to thrive during times of rapid change.

- And last but not least we are ready to run the whole program virtually.

The program is conducted in cooperation with 

Agile PMO

AgilePMO has a status of Project Management Institute Authorized Training Partner (PMI ATP) ®, which is the highest mark of excellence in project management training.

Project Management Institute, PMI, ATP and ATP logo are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

Students can claim up to 132 Personal Development Units (PDUs).

Who is it for?

  • Current and prospective project and programme managers of transition and transformation projects and programmes.
  • This programme is also suitable for programme and project team members who wish to gain an understanding of the transition management roles they can assume and the contribution they can make towards transition/transformation success
  • Recommended for project managers and team members of Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  sector or anyone involved in strategic projects and programmes  

In order to benefit from the relevant exchange of knowledge between the participants of studies, the admission to studies is decided on the basis of the CV and in the order the applications for admission are received.


Program leader

Małgorzata Kusyk

Project management expert PMP®/PRINCE2P®/AgilePM®/PSM®, AgilePMO Founder, Co-Founder of Akademia Zwinnej Liderki, Kozminski Executive Business School Coordinator, PMI Poland Chapter President 2014-2016. Mentor, business trainer, MBA lecturer and speaker worldwide.

Małgorzata has 18 years of experience of managing global projects and programmes across multiply industries. She is agility and teal ambassador, specializing in transition and transformation initiatives, where she combines agile with traditional approaches. She is also the author of the innovative business solutions and training programs, including the first Transition Manager Academy. The author of articles, HR Business Partner book chapter – Agile HR and an inspiring blog. She is known for creativity and openness to experiments, so the solutions she proposes are unique and tailored to the needs of the client. Like Michael Jordan, Małgorzata believes that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”.  


PMI Volunteer of the Year 2015 – The Best Leader. Strong Women in IT 2019 

Watch "Live with a lider"

Leading, teaming and being During the #livezliderem Mike Rawlins speaking with Przemysław Kotecki shared Amy Edmondson’s concept of teaming. Success of today’s VUCA environment requires flexibility, coordination and collaboration.

See the movie

Covid-19, Learning to Learn – Pandemic Leadership Behaviours Observed

Read the article


  • Organisational Transition Management
  • Project Management by PMBOK® - Processes, Techniques and Tools
  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Communication and Team Management
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Visual Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving - TRIZ
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Project Negotiations
  • Virtual and Multicultural Team Management
  • Leadership during Transition and Transformation
  • Final Project and Defence  

Total: 180 contact hours * 1 contact hour = 45 min



Duration: 2 semesters; 180 contact hours

Language of instruction: English    

Mode of teaching: part-time, classes are taking place on weekends, once or twice per month  

  • Saturdays - 8.45-15.45  

  • Sundays - 8.45-15:45  

  • two sessions in the semester might be held online

Planned sessions in the 1st semester:

18-19.03.2023 start

15-16.04.2023 session online










Leading lecturers

Mike Rawlins

Accredited Executive and Life Coach, author and Programme Management Consultant specialising in coaching and leadership development for project sponsors, managers and team members. 
As a business coach, Mike Rawlins aims to help individuals and organisations improve operational performance through the creation of a coaching culture in teams and the development of a capability for deep self and situational awareness in leaders and managers.  For project sponsors, managers and team members, Mike has produced a range of development material focusing on the practical application of leadership behaviours, tools and techniques as a means to delivering sustainable value through projects and programmes.  Mike aims to help executives, managers, programme sponsors and project managers work with their teams, or with key individuals, to develop high performing leadership skills. 

Michał Rączka

MBA, PMI-ACP, PMP, PSPO, AgilePM, CISA, is a project management expert, experienced in new technologies & digital leadership fields. Currently, he is the IT Strategy and Project Management Vice Director at mBank S.A. He is also a project management lecturer at the Executive MBA programs.  

He has conducted several organisational changes involving the optimisation of project management methods and agile transformations. Always keeps Team in the centre. 

Value and results focused with lean and agile approach. Individual with proven achievements in project & business management, process improvement and team leadership. Experienced in managing geographically distributed, multi-disciplinary projects and customer teams. Experienced in project excellence awards assessments. Conference speaker. Strategic Advisor. Lecturer. Volunteer. Mentor.  

mgr Przemysław Kotecki

Global Program and Project Manager (PMP®, P2P®, PSM®), consultant, certified trainer and coach in project management and soft skills. Managing Director at Project Management Institute® Gdansk Branch.
For many years working with Growth & Development Consulting Group. Currently Managing Partner at Effective Consulting. Managing Director at Project Management Institute Gdańsk Branch. Active community free service worker. Practitioner. Joins and manages projects at all stages to maximize effects and optimize work. Recently realized number of projects and managed programs in fields such as renewable energy sources, IT, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and other. Right now involved in global business transformation programs. At free time - sailing, mountains and fantasy.

mgr inż. Agnieszka Kaczmarek-Kacprzak

Professional soft  skills and project management trainer, PM of Polish MOOC project, engineer,  owner of Skills Tower Company, social activist. Graduated at Gdansk University of Technology, Specialization in Electrical Power Engineering, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Social Psychology. Accomplished Coaching Academy organised by Pomeranian Regional Development Agency. Academic teacher at Gdansk University of Technology, soft skills trainer and consultant in Grow and Development Consulting Group, supervisor of three-years educational programme for engineering Staff of GPEC Company in Gdansk. Enthusiastic in modern forms of education, co-creator and lecturer of courses related to blended learning, e-learning and MOOC formula, uses in education process innovative approaches e.g. Gamification, Problem Based Learning, Design Thinking or Google CSI:Lab. Co-author of one of first MOOC at Polish educational platform-Navoica, speaker of ETEE conference and EduAkcja Conference. At  free time training ballroom dance, keeping the moments in the photo frames and  travelling though Poland and around the world. 

mgr inż. Anna Szczepkowska

A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Gdańsk University of Technology. She runs the VisualCoach company. Entrepreneur, trainer, coach, illustrator, designer, graphic facilitator. She Draws and Develops. She specializes in visual thinking workshop, during which it allows participants to experience visual thinking and show that everyone has sufficient drawing skills to use this technique in life and work. Together with Hanna Garbowska from the BCC Institute of Development, he co-runs coaching workshops and development programs on discovering and strengthening strengths and talents, motivating teams based on - Graves' value systems and the Dilts pyramid.  In addition, he facilitates them graphically - by visualizing and influencing the group process. As a graphic recorder, she records live - in the form of images and texts - content spoken by speakers during conferences or meetings. She illustrates, creates infographics, graphic designs. He co-creates explainer videos in the whiteboard animation technique (together with 

mgr inż. Jerzy Obojski

Opinions of students and alumni

Mikołaj Kasprzak

I highly recommend Transition Manager Academy course as probably first in Poland, yet perfectly prepared one-year journey to get acquainted with all you might think of when it comes to transition and transformation. 

Number of lectures and areas they cover are much more than you can expect and foresee for such a course to present. Be aware however, that you will not expect what standard post graduate studies bring. Great tutors, mind-blowing topics and interactive classes in which, with great participants, within one year, you will undertake transition of oneself. Highly recommended.


mgr Hanna Buze

For me Transition Manager Academy was a really life-changing experience. Each weekend full of training gave me a lot of inspiration

, not only knowledge and skills. In particular I would like thank you once more Gosia, Mike and Przemek - your personal example, broad knowledge, support and enthusiasm helped me to grow


Monika Niemczyk

Thank you once again for your effort and great opportunity to learn. I have noticed the change in me and it's evolving ever since I joined the Transition Manager Academy.

I think people around me notice too - I have had 2 job offers in the last 2 months, and they are internal ones. All lectures were super interesting, the lecturers very knowledgeable and experienced, materials very well prepared and informative. Good balance of personalities too. Przemek’s and Gosia’s energy was amazing. Mike's mind-boggling sessions enabled some interesting journeys into inner selves.... if one were ready for it...The TRIZ and visual thinking sessions were great addition to give the Academy extra dimension that, for sure, makes the program really distinct in the market.


Tomasz Gmurczyk

Transition Management Academy (1st edition) in short. Very supportive, open-minded mentors and lecturers with international background,

participants from five countries: Germany, Greece, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine. Really well-structured program with a big share of practical exercises. And encouraging out-of-the-box-thinking. Great investment! Gosia & Team – amazing job, keep going! I wish I could continue i


Konrad Łazarski

Thank you for a wonderful journey called Transition Manager Academy, which has changed not only my professional life by giving it a new meaning

- such as my inner 'why'. I also think that the Academy has made me a better person internally calm and again joyfully curious.


Gürkan Cerkez

I would absolutely recommend the Transition Manager Academy at Kozminski University. As a foreigner who attended this track from another city,

it was totally worth my time and effort. Top quality teaching squad and school, with a very interesting and well-designed subjects – based on PMBOK standards – ensure that you will be equipped and ready for the world of project management. If you are a seasoned project manager who is looking for networking and experience exchange with fellow project managers, or a person involved in projects and transitions, who is looking for more confidence for the next stage in your career, this is the program for you.


Katarzyna Udała
Katarzyna Udała

Completing the Transition Manager Academy programme has undoubtedly played an important part in my professional and personal growth. With its content heavy but practical, the TMA course not only helped me to significantly expand my theoretical knowledge but also gave me the chance to hone my soft skills like creative problem-solving, team collaboration, public speaking, visual thinking and facilitating discussions.

Supported by my thesis supervisor, I also had the opportunity to look into topics that are particularly close to my heart like introversion and emotional intelligence and explore them in-depth in the context of project management and leadership.

More importantly, however, throughout the course, I was given the time and space to reflect on my values, needs and the expectations I held for myself and others. Reevaluating them in coaching-like sessions drove me to become an evermore authentic, empathic, empowered leader with redefined goals and new aspirations. What else have I gained in the process? Newfound confidence in my abilities and capacity to grow; the courage to trust my intuition and show up just as I am, assertively and unapologetically; a reminder of what serves me both in my career and personal life.

Admission procedure

  • Admission is based on the order of application. 

  • VI edition - the recruitment lasts until 15th February, 2023

  • planned date for the start of the study March, 2023   

In order to benefit from the relevant exchange of knowledge between the participants of studies, the admission to studies is decided on the basis of the CV and in the order the applications for admission are received. Details concerning whom the studies are addressed to may be found in part TARGET AUDIENCE. 

A condition of graduation is to prepare and present the written assignment (final thesis), pass the final exam and pass the classes for the following subjects (team assignments):

  • Project Management by PMBOK® Guide - processes, techniques and tools,
  • Agile Project Management,
  • Project Risk Management,
  • Project Communication and Team Management,
  • Facilitation Skills,
  • Visual Thinking 
  • At least 1st degree studies completed 

  • Minimum 3 years of project management experience or PMP® 

  • Fluency in English 

  • Completed application form** 
  • Copy of  diploma 
  • CV (Resume) 
  • 1 Photograph and a photograph in electronic .jpg format 
  • National ID or passport 
  • Payment slip for the amount of the admission fee    

* In case of an insufficient number of candidates the program might not begin.  

** This program is classified as postgraduate studies and there are separate regulations regarding the recognition of the diplomas of higher education issued in another countries, for candidates, who would like to continue the education in Poland on postgraduate level. Please check the details here in order to find out whether your diploma would need any additional recognition process to enable you to start a postgraduate/MBA progam in Poland: Click here

Katarzyna Stawska
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Katarzyna Stawska

Tuition and fees

* The offered discounts (for Kozminski University Graduates, discount for payment in full and any other discounts do not cumulate) 

Registration fee 250 zł
Price (possibility of payment in two installments each 4 600 zł) 9 200 zł
Price with discount for Kozminski University students and graduates (possibility of payment in two installments each 4 140 zł) 8 280 zł*
Price with discount for payment in full 8 900 zł*


Admission fee should be transferred to the following account:  Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego   03-301 Warszawa, ul. Jagiellońska 57/59   BANK PEKAO SA w Warszawie 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637 

Tuition should be paid to an individual account number provided during admission to the program.   

Anyone interested in receiving an INVOICE, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Fabiańska e-mail:

We kindly inform that editions are launched with the specified number of participants, allowing proper group dynamics.