Management Program in Corporate Finance

Management Program in Corporate Finance

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About program

Purpose of study

In case of pandemic restrictions, we’re prepared to conduct classes online.


Postgraduate Management Program in Corporate Finance is designed for a new generation of leaders, who face challenges of the diverse business environment while performing their everyday corporate duties. It equips the aspiring team of management professionals with an essential toolkit, allowing to achieve their targets better, faster, and more efficiently. 

It aims at discussing the most acute problems of corporate finance encountered by managers, giving a fresh insight into the operational and tactical decision making, training the most relevant techniques of data processing and presentation, honing leadership skills and providing a holistic picture of the business development opportunities, without sacrificing the rigor of academic education. We sincerely hope that the program will cater to the needs and expectations of our audience and will allow the program’s participants to create value for their firms through continuous improvement. 

Program highlights


1. The program offers a unique combination of the cutting-edge theory with the hands-on experience. 

2. The Program starts with fundamentals of corporate finance and gradually proceeds towards more complicated topics, allowing to cater for the requirements of a diverse audience representing different backgrounds and business profiles 

3. The decision making tools are highly relevant for everyday practice and are tailored to the needs of the target audience. 

4. The primary focus of the program is providing extensive knowledge in corporate finance, which encompasses such highly specialized topics as value-based management, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise risk management etc. 

5. The program presents a toolkit of investment and wealth management which may be useful both at the working place and for personal financial planning. 

Program is designed to meet the needs of management professionals having some experience, but aspiring to move higher and faster. Despite delving quite deeply into theory of corporate finance, the program is practically oriented and will help the participants to improve their operational performance. The upcoming career move may hinge upon particular skills: sometimes, it requires a rigorous training in quantitative techniques, and sometimes, a thorough understanding of the environment in which the company struggles to succeed. 

The program is designed to offer a tailored toolkit and competence to those who are determined to acquire a competitive advantage on the job market. To make the program even more fruitful in terms of learning outcomes, we added concise modules in financial instruments and taxationportfolio analysis, which in addition to being highly relevant in corporate environment, may turn out to be very useful for your personal financial planning. 

Hands-on learning

Most of the study sessions take place in a computer lab. 

The participants get to acquire and hone their skills in building and calibrating financial models for diverse business purposes. Budgeting, investment project appraisal, costing, pricing, valuation etc. – all the major financial processes and decisions are inherently computationally intensive. Learning by doing is therefore, undoubtedly, the best suited approach to tackling them. 

Many of the program modules rely on case studies. The financial modeling intermediated and facilitated by the course instructors brings the substance to the case, while the participants are expected to supplement the quantitative information with their professional perspective and individual viewpoints. The trainers bring in the insights from their professional consultancy practice as well as their vast experience in executive education. 

We are changing for you and from 2022 we introduce to the program a workshop with the Bloomberg application, where students will learn how to use the application of one of the most popular providers of market information and data to analyse the prices of instruments listed on international financial markets, create investment portfolios and analyse their risks.


Why to choose us?

Management Program in Corporate Finance is an intensive one-year postgraduate program offered by Kozminski Executive Business School. It emerged to meet the growing demand for prime educational services on the part of middle and senior management working in different industries and for various business units, who were becoming increasingly more exposed to the business issues pertaining to the domain of corporate finance. Over a few years, the program evolved into an integrated solution delivering the essential knowledge in corporate finance in a nutshell. 192 hours of coursework suffice to progress from fundamentals to the advanced problems and complex case studies inquiring into virtually every area of corporate decision making. The program in primarily addressed to those, whose everyday chores are not directly related to quantitative financial analysis and transaction-related quantitative research, but whose decision making activities and managerial responsibilities require a solid background in corporate finance (please see the participants’ profile for further details). 


The program participants represent diverse business and educational backgrounds. Most of them have a considerable professional experience (7.5 years on average). The majority occupy middle- and senior-management positions in a broad array of industries (the participants represent 11 SIC general industries). General management (i.e., division/department/team leads in sales, operations, production, marketing etc.)  is by far the most common role performed by program participants. Non-financial roles (e.g., legal, IT, marketing etc.) are broadly represented. 

Primarily, the Program is designed for management professionals whose everyday business duties are not connected to advanced financial analysis or investment decision making (front office), but whose role requires a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of corporate finance as well as a mastery of the most frequently utilized financial decision making tools. Candidates with a solid experience in quant roles related to financial analysis are encouraged to browse through the more advanced tracks offered by Kozminski Executive Business School such as “CFO”. 

The aim of the participants should be to deepen their knowledge of the general context of corporate finance, make acquaintance with the new financial problematic of the corporate world, train the most frequently used techniques of data analysis and presentation. In general, the program will benefit everyone dealing with operational and tactical decision making on everyday basis. It will provide tools to enhance the decision making process through detailed analysis and application of the best practices. 


Head of studies and program coordinators

Prof. Paweł Mielcarz

Head of the Department of Finance, the Substantive Coordinator of MBA studies for Financiers and postgraduate financial studies. He was also the deputy director of the College of Management and Finance, where he was responsible for the development of financial studies conducted in English.

As a consultant, he took part in several hundred consulting projects and training sessions in the field of broadly understood corporate finances. As a court expert, he also prepared expert opinions in court, prosecutor's and arbitration proceedings and those conducted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. In his professional career, Professor Mielcarz was a member of several supervisory boards of companies.

 He is the author or co-author of several dozen scientific articles and two books. Professor Mielcarz has taught at several European business universities and permanently cooperates with ESSCA - School of Management. He completed, among others, Global Colloquium on Participant - Centered Learning and Case Study Workshop programs organized by Harvard Business School.

Marcin Ocieszak, Ph.D

Program coordinator. A practitioner in the field of corporate finance with over 10 years of experience.

In the years 2010-2017 he was associated with ING Bank Slaski S.A. where he was responsible for business relations and providing financing to large enterprises from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. At that time, he provided financing for nearly PLN 1 billion, both in the form of financing investment projects, commercial real estate and working capital financing. From 2014 I was the Manager of the Corporate Customer Department and was responsible for the portfolio of credit assets worth PLN 1.5 billion. In 2007-2010 he worked at the Citi Handlowy bank where, among others in the Treasury Department I was a member of the team introducing the first Citi Online Trading currency exchange platform in Poland. Currently Dr Ocieszak holds a PhD in economics and is employed at the Kozminski University in Warsaw since 2017. His research interests relate to the merger and acquisition market, financing commercial real estate and the video game production market. In addition to scientific activities, he teaches full-time, extramural and post-graduate studies in the following subjects: Corporate finance, Principles of finance, Fundamental analysis, Modern methods of investment project assessment, Derivative valuation and financial risk management, Ethics in finance and accounting, Cooperation with financial institutions, Sources of finance, Business valuation

He gave guest lectures at foreign universities, including Black Sea University in Georgia, the International School of Economics & Management in Lisbon and Hebei University in China.



Benefits for you & CO.

  • Learn to comprehensively assess the financial consequences of business decisions through the application of relevant analytical frameworks 

  • Create a roadmap for increasing company value by analyzing the key value drivers and evaluating the upcoming investment projects 

  • Dive into the mechanisms shaping financial markets and learn to leverage the advantages of different sources of external financing 

  • Simulate your business narrative in numbers 

  • Learn to recognize and manage enterprise risks 


Program curriculum

The Program Curriculum is divided into 4 thematically related blocks. Each block consists of 2-4 modules.

Study of a block ends with an exam covering the material taught within respective modules. Additionally, active participation in class activities is encouraged. All courses are supplemented with the material for participants’ self-study, representing mostly additional cases and practical exercises, which extend the topics covered during workshops.

Semester I

  • Onboarding Session - 2 h
  • I. Essentials:

- Financial Reporting and Analysis - 16 h - Quantitative Techniques for Managers - 22 h

  • II. Corporate Finance and Controlling

- Operational Controlling - 16 h - Corporate Finance for Managers  - 22 h - Corporate Valuation & Fundamental Analysis - 24 h

Semester II

  • III. Strategic Decisions

- Business Project Appraisal - 24 h - Mergers & Acquisitions  - 14 h

  • IV. Financial Markets

- Enterprise Risk Management  - 16 h - Financial Markets and Securities Analysis - 16 h - Portfolio Analysis - 12 h

Total: 192 contact hours* One teaching hour = 45 minutes



Organization of classes

Duration: 2 semesters; 192 hours  Language of instruction: English  Mode of teaching: part-time, classes are taking place on weekends, ones or twice per month 

Saturdays - 8.45-15.45  Sundays - 8.45-15:45 

Sessions planned in the first semester:








Leading lecturers

dr hab. Paweł Mielcarz

Jest kierownikiem Katedry Finansów Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego w Warszawie. W pracy zawodowej pełni funkcję Koordynatora Merytorycznego studiów MBA dla Finansistów oraz podyplomowych studiów finansowych ALK. Jako konsultant DCF Consulting Sp. z o.o. brał udział w kilkudziesięciu projektach doradczych w zakresie wyceny przedsiębiorstw, oceny projektów inwestycyjnych, budowy strategii, opracowania planów restrukturyzacyjnych oraz projektowania systemów controllingu. Opracowywał również ekspertyzy w procesie postępowań sądowych, arbitrażowych oraz prowadzonych przez Komisję Nadzoru Finansowego. W karierze zawodowej prof. Mielcarz pełnił również funkcje członka kilku rad nadzorczych spółek kapitałowych. 

W pracy naukowej zajmuje się głównie problematyką zarządzania wartością przedsiębiorstw, wyceną firm, projektów oraz opcji realnych. Jest autorem lub współautorem kilkudziesięciu artykułów oraz referatów naukowych, a także książki „Analiza projektów inwestycyjnych w procesie tworzenia wartości przedsiębiorstw”. Prowadzi zajęcia z wyceny przedsiębiorstw i projektów inwestycyjnych, finansów przedsiębiorstw, analizy finansowej oraz controllingu na studiach dyplomowych, podyplomowych oraz MBA w Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego, na Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym we Wrocławiu, na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim, HAAGA – HELIA University of Applied Scince, Kufstein University, EDC – Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d’entreprise, ESSCA – École de Management, University of Debrecen, Ecole de Management de Normandie, Universito of Porto. Ukończył program Global Colloquium on Participant - Centered Learning organizowany przez Harvard Business School. 

Tomasz Wnuk-Pel
prof. Tomasz Wnuk-Pel

Professor of social sciences, he works in the Department of Accounting at the University of Lodz, he is also Affiliate Professor at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden and Visiting Professor at universities in France, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Qatar, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Japan; in addition, he is a Board member of the Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association and a member of the European Accounting Association
Tomasz Wnuk-Pel is the author of numerous articles and books for practitioners, including: Management of profitability. Budgeting and control. Activity Based Costing & Management, 2006; Cost controlling, 2017; Operational controlling, 2017; Strategic controlling, 2017.

Since 1994, he has specialized in the design and implementation of modern management accounting / controlling systems; he is the author and co-author of comprehensive projects of cost accounting and management accounting / controlling systems in manufacturing, service, trade and non-profit companies.

Tomasz Wnuk-Pel is the author of over one hundred in-company, often multi-stage training courses in modern methods of cost accounting and management accounting / controlling for production, service, trade and non-profit organizations


Franjo Mlinarič, Ph.D

Assistant Professor and the Head of Finance and Accounting Programs at Kozminski University in Warsaw. He is an experienced consultant with international expertise in the private and public sector. He served as a vice-dean at FEB UM (Slovenia) and managed a BI start-up Bizintell. For almost two decades, he runs a private research institute iRDM.

A leading economic advisor for various key national projects (motorway and telecommunications infrastructure, airport infrastructure and strategic investment in the development of the automotive industry) and author of economic impact studies based on new legislation. He was a founding member of the Slovenian Corporate Treasurers Association and lecturer at the Slovenian Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ljubljana and is a member of the Examination Board for court experts at the Ministry of Justice in Slovenia.

He is an experienced court expert in matters related to M&A, valuation, restructuring, business damages and structured financial products. His research focuses on sustainable business models and value creation, as well as the issues of business restructuring and the economic effects of public investment. He co-authored many books and articles.


dr Adrian Struciński

Adiunkt w Katedrze Rachunkowości w Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego. W latach 2008-2017 pracował w Departamencie Tradingu w domu maklerskim XTB, gdzie odpowiadał za transakcje oraz zarządzanie ryzykiem opcji walutowych i towarowych. W ramach pracy na uczelni prowadzi wykłady na studiach magisterskich i doktoranckich z zakresu wyceny instrumentów pochodnych, zarządzania ryzykiem, sprawozdawczości finansowej oraz rachunkowości zarządczej. Uczestniczył również w wielu projektach doradczych z zakresu wyceny spółek oraz zarządzania finansowego. Ma również licencje doradcy inwestycyjnego i maklera papierów wartościowych oraz kwalifikację PRM (Professional Risk Manager). 

dr Piotr Sieradzan

Ph.D., CFA - - finance & investment practitioner with over 20 years of experience in financial industry, especially in management of assets in Central and Eastern Europe and investment companies’ management. Lecturer at Kozminski University, Warsaw
In his career he managed mutual funds, penshion funds with assets over 1 bln USD, an investment bank, brokerage house. Now as a CEO and CIO runs Everest Investment Management S.A. a boutique asset management company.
Piotr Sieradzan graduated from Warsaw University (Faculty of Law and Administration) and Warsaw School of Economics (Faculty of Banking and Finance) and received his Ph.D. in Economics from Warsaw School of Economics. A CFA Charterholder since 2004 and Licensed Investment Adviser since 2002. Vice President of CFA Society Poland, Member of Capital Markets Policy Council and EU Standards Advocacy  Advisory Committee CFA Institute


dr hab. Tomasz Słoński
PhD Paweł Wnuczak

Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance at Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland.

His research interests include profitability assessment, the valuation of business and controlling systems. He has published articles on corporate finance and valuation. He was appointed the director of the Financial Analysis program at Kozminski University.

He has delivered lectures covering: mathematical finance, finance, corporate finance management, financial analysis, financial planning, controlling, value management and corporate valuation, capital structure and cost, international finance, derivative market on undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and MBA studies at Kozminski University, ESSCA School of Management,  Warsaw University, Pope John Paul II State School Of Higher Education, and the University of Finance and Management.

He has delivered training in the scope of development of documentation to apply for UE funds (development of feasibility studies, business plans, applications), management of corporate finance, budgeting, controlling, valuation, and management of company value, financial analysis, evaluation of profitability of investment projects.

He has been involved in a number of consulting projects, including the valuation of companies, financial analysis, implementation of controlling systems and preparing feasibility studies. He has taken part in over 100 consulting projects.

dr Dmytro Osiichuk

Dr Dmytro Osiichuk, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Finance at Kozminski University. His research interests and business expertise revolve around corporate finance with a particular focus on the practical and methodological issues in the domain of corporate valuation, governance, mergers & acquisitions, and alternative investments. Dr Osiichuk participated in specialized conferences and wrote several research papers in the area of financial management and corporate finance (including in JCR journals). Dr Osiichuk teaches undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses in financial instruments and financial risk management, portfolio analysis, and corporate valuation. While working at Kozminski University, Dr Osiichuk was also a member of the team responsible for the development of the graduate program in finance and accounting. He is also a co-creator of the postgraduate Management Program in Corporate Finance, which offers general training in corporate finance for non-finance business professionals.

Application and admission

Admission is based on the order of application. 

VI edition - to be announced.


The Program Curriculum is divided into 4 thematically related blocks: 

1) Essentials;  2) Corporate Finance and Controlling;  3) Strategic Decision  4) Financial Markets. 

Each block consists of 2-4 modules. Study of a block ends with an exam covering the material taught within respective modules. Additionally, active participation in class activities is encouraged. All courses are supplemented with the material for participants’ self-study, representing mostly additional cases and practical exercises, which extend the topics covered during workshops. 

  • Completed application form 
  • Copy of  diploma** 
  • 1 photograph and a photograph in electronic JPG format 
  • National ID or passport 
  • Payment slip for the amount of the admission fee 

** This program is classified as postgraduate studies and there are separate regulations regarding the recognition of the diplomas of higher education issued in another countries, for candidates, who would like to continue the education in Poland on postgraduate level. Please check the details here in order to find out whether your diploma would need any additional recognition process to enable you to start a postgraduate/MBA progam in Poland: Click here


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Table of fees
Registration fee 250 zł
Price (possibility of payment in two installments each 4500 zł) 9000 zł
Price with discount for Kozminski University graduates (possibility of payment in two installments each 4050 zł ) 8100 zł
Price with discount for payment in full in one installment (* The offered discounts (for Kozminski University Graduates, discount for payment in full and any other discounts do not cumulate) ) 8700 zł *

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