MBA in International Management 


The MBA in International Management is a one-year full-time programme delivered in two countries of choice, which provides young professionals with the business skills and mindset for a successful international career. Students from around the world form a group with diverse educational and professional backgrounds. The MBA covers all the functional areas of management and provides a multicultural hands-on experience.


  • 1-year, full-time programme
  • around 500 teaching hours
  • strong cross-cultural approach
  • accredited by AMBA
  • 2 countries of your choice in Europe and Asia
  • 6 ESCP Business School campuses and 2 academic partners
  • double degrees available
  • two Company Consultancy Projects


The MBA in International Management offers a unique opportunity to spend two semesters of study in two cities in Europe and Asia*.

ESCP Business School campuses (Europe): Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Torino and Warsaw

Partner schools (Asia): Beijing Foreign Studies University (China) and MDI Gurgaon (India).

*Please note that your choice of locations will depend upon the availability of places at each campus. You should pay special consideration to your regional interest and career ambitions when making your selections.


French accredited Master degree

The MBA in International Management is an ESCP Business School diploma as well as an official state-accredited Master degree (Grade de Master II) delivered by the French Ministry of Higher Education and recognised worldwide for students who have attained a four year bachelor degree or a first master degree before integrating the programme.

For those entering the MBA in International Management holding a three year Bachelor degree (180 ECTS equivalent) with a minimum of three years of professional experience it is also possible to receive the Grade de Master II through a specific process academically validating their professional experience. They will need to fill an additional form which will be reviewed by our ESCP Business School Admission Committee. The result will be communicated in the same time as the result of their admission into the programme.

ESCP Business School declares that the diploma obtained on completion of the MBA in International Management (300 ECTS) is officially recognised in France by the French Ministry of Education and Research (O.G. nº3 - 24 July 2014). This Master does not lead to an official diploma in Spain.

German state-accredited degree

The MBA in International Management approved by the Berlin Senate for Education, Science and Research as of 16 January 2017, complements the MBA In International Management ESCP Business School curriculum by adding another 30 ECTS through the completion of a master thesis and two additional courses, enabling students to reach 120 ECTS in order to receive a German state-accredited degree.

Academic Partners & Double Degrees

In order to provide you with a broad academic experience and enhance your international career options, the ESCP Business School MBA in International Management offers joint programmes and double degrees with prestigious universities from China (Beijing Foreign Studies University ) and India (MDI Gurgaon).

Programme Coordinator

Agnieszka Marciniuk

International Relations Manager