EURO MBA Distance learning runs by consortium of 6 European Universities 


The EuroMBA programme has two intakes per year. The deadlines to apply for these intakes are:

  • Start September, deadline 1 July
  • Start January, deadline 1 November

The EuroMBA offers participants a unique business education. By combining ten online courses in management with six thematic face-to-face residential weeks, the programme provides managers with an innovative and insightful means to develop their business skills and careers.

  • Work from home or when traveling, from your hotel. The programme offers managers the flexibility to work where and when they want, allowing them to combine studying with a busy work schedule.
  • Learn how to develop a business plan, or learn about the impact of green innovations on business, or learn how to manage in emerging markets. The accumulated knowledge of six partner schools offers you unparalleled expertise.
  • Develop your leaderships skills, your emotional intelligence, your ability to negotiate or your power to bring change. EuroMBA gives managers the right skills for the right job.
  • Broaden your business knowledge through our online learning environment. Webinars, discussion boards, wikis, multi-media, EuroMBA offers you a unique online community experience.

The Power of Partnership 

The EuroMBA is an educational consortium that combines the strengths of six renowned European business schools and universities. This allows students to follow six contemporary business themes that reflect each partners strengths.

Develop expertise in:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Green Innovation
  • Business Life Cycle
  • Organisational Learning and Transformational Change
  • Managing Emerging Markets
  • Global Responsibility

The network, especially set-up for the EuroMBA, includes over 200 faculty members. Their substantial academic and business background brings new conceptual approaches and analytical methods to the course materials, without neglecting practical issues and their impact on the business environment.

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EuroMBA is ranked as the 10th best online MBA programme by CEO magazine.
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Flexibility is key in the EuroMBA learning environment. Today's managers, with busy careers, trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance, rarely have time to sit in class once a week. EuroMBA provides you with the opportunity of studying from your own home, with support from professionals from around the world.
Imagine being in your hotel in Singapore, and discussing in a webinar an issue on corporate governance with your finance professor, who is located in Poland.
Discuss video cases, watch expert lectures, engage in online forums, develop your own wiki or write your own blog. The web is rich with tools that contemporary managers need to master.

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Do you want to take the next step up in your career? Looking for international business opportunities? With more than 50% expatriates in the programme and boasting more than 20 different nationalities, EuroMBA students are always on the move.

Our 2014 alumni survey indicates that 81% of students and alumni accepted a higher level function during or after the programme, 33% accepted a job in a different country, 52% with a job with a broader international scope and 43% started their own business.

So where do you want to be in the next 2 years? Working in Asia? Working in the North or South America? Working in Africa or working in Europe? The EuroMBA brings together like-minded managers from around the world.
With the growing global economy, managers need to develop their international capabilities. The EuroMBA can prepare you for a unique international journey.

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  • Male: 75%
  • Female: 25%
  • Average age: 35,4 years
  • Average work experience: 10.3 years
  • Expatriates: > 46%
  • Nationalities represented: < 22


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Sylwia Halas-Dej