Krótkie wyjazdy zagraniczne 

Poza wyjazdami w ramach wymiany, studenci mogą uczestniczyć w dodatkowych przedsięwzięciach międzynarodowych w ramach partnerstwa pomiędzy uczelniami z całego świata. Zachęcamy studentów do takiej aktywności, ponieważ jest to doskonała okazja do zdobycia dodatkowych punktów ECTS, jednoczesnego poszerzenia horyzontów i nawiązania kontaktów.

Poniżej znajdą Państwo aktualną ofertę krótkich programów, kursów oraz szkół międzynarodowych organizowanych przez partnerów ALK.

i Winter 2020 - TEC de Monterrey, México

Dear Students,

We are taking this opportunity to offer international students the possibility to study at any of our campuses during this new term. Besides regular classes, we are offering four iWinterMx programs in the following disciplines: 










Like our iSummerMx programs we organized this year with more than 60 participants from all over the world, the iWinterMx programs are:

-      Itinerant - visiting several cities in Mexico.

-      Experiential - with projects and visits to different innovative companies


More information please write to


I also would like to inform you about our scholarship for the iWinter programs. This scholarship will apply if you send students as study abroad instead of as exchange students. The scholarship will be granted on tuition only according to the number of students participating:


No. of students participating from your institution

Regular cost of tuition (USD)

Amount of scholarship

New tuition (USD)

Program services fee (transportation for all activities in the program, housing, etc.) (USD)

Total payment (USD)

1 to 4












6 to 10






11 or more







We will waive full tuition to students nominated under our exchange agreement in a 3 to 1 equivalency, that is, 3 of your students participating on an iWinter program will be equal to 1 Tec student for a semester in your university. All students are expected to pay the Program Service´s Fee of $1,600 that includes transportation to all program activities (including) transportation from city to city, housing and 6 breakfast a week

Winter School Lisbon 2020 - ISCTE Business School, Portugal

Dear Students,

We are happy to announce the 9th edition of the Winter School Lisbon at ISCTE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Winter School Lisbon 2020 gives students the opportunity to attend a high-quality academic course, allowing them to enhance their skills and knowledge whilst experiencing first hand Portuguese culture and enjoying the beautiful city of Lisbon.

Winter School Lisbon 2020

 From 2nd to 18th of January - Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation (ENG)

The course is worth 6 ECTS credits.

Moreover, the students can participate in a large variety of extra-curricular activities, including visits in and outside Lisbon, which will make this an unforgettable and enriching experience.


For more detailed information about the programmes, please visit our website.

We hope our programme is of interest to your students. Attached you can find a poster to distribute among your students.

In case of any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us at:  

TBS Winter School 2020

Dear Students,

We are delighted to be sending you information regarding our Winter School 2020 in Paris & Toulouse.

New for 2020 –

·          Paris extended to 11 nights in order for students to benefit from more time in the City of Lights!

  • The weekend in Bordeaux is no longer included on the way to Toulouse, but students can choose to go there at the weekend from Toulouse.
  • A longer program by 1 day, more time in Paris, & more activities has slightly increased the program costs but students will feel it’s worth for more time to experience living in Paris!


  • Paris & Toulouse – 3 Week Program: Friday 3rd – Thursday 23rd January 2020
  • Paris Only - 10 Day Program: Friday 3rd – Monday 13th January 2020
  • Toulouse Only – 10 Day Program: Tuesday 14th January – Thursday 23rd January 2020

Courses: We are offering 3 new courses for 2020 (highlighted in green)! Each course is worth 7 ECTS credits and students should choose one course per location.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Paris: Cross-Cultural Management & International Negotiation
  • Paris: International Marketing: Practices in France & Europe
  • Paris: Corporate Finance
  • Toulouse: International Human Resource Management
  • Toulouse: Business and Competitive Strategy in Europe
  • Toulouse: Big Data and Marketing Analytics

Master Courses

  • Paris: Strategic Management in Europe
  • Toulouse: Advertising Consumer Behaviour in Europe

The course syllabi are available on our website:

Company visits, Social & Cultural activities are organized for students to discover business culture, the local area, get to know each other, and enjoy themselves.

Program Fees - The program fees for students from Partner Universities such as yours (accommodation included) are as follows :

  • Paris & Toulouse – 3 Week Program: 2900€
  • Paris Only – 10 Day Program: 2000€
  • Toulouse Only – 10 Day Program: 1400€

Application Deadline : 29th November 2019

Applications are now open so students can start completing the application form on our website:

The Winter School brochure is available to view here:

Please also find attached an e-card to share with your students.

For further detailed information about the program, what’s included, the program timetable etc, please visit our website:

Summer School 2020 Jönköping University Sweden

Dear Students, 

We would like to invite you to take part in JU Summer School 2020!  Jönköping University offers the following undergraduate level courses taught in English:

Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective (10 ECTS credits) 

Global Perspective on Health and Welfare (10 ECTS credits)

Communicating Nations (10 ECTS credits)

KU students will have the opportunity to obtain credits and participate in social and cultural activities to discover and learn about Sweden and the Swedish culture. In addition the programme includes visits to companies and to organizations related to the courses, examples of such are IKEA & Husqvarna in the area of logistics and Companion & Integrera Mera in the area of health and welfare and organizations linked to communicating nations.  

Your students will benefit from a term abroad during their summer break with the possibility to gain valuable international experience and university credits.

The dates are:

June 6 and 7, 2020: Arrival dates and pick-up service

June 8 to July 3, 2020 (4 weeks): The programme takes place

 Students may apply directly to the summer school on-line at 

The application opens in December and the deadline is 1 April.

The complete course syllabuses and more information is at

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