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    Projekt „GREEN HEAT – towards collaborative local decarbonization”, którego współautorką jest dr Agata Dembek, otrzymał dofinansowanie w konkursie NCBiR IdeaLab „Cities for the Future: Services and Solutions”.


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Centrum Nauczania i Certyfikacji TOLES 

Centrum Językowe ALK
Adres: O3-301  Warszawa, Jagiellońska 59, pok. D208 A
Telefon: (22) 519-22-21
Fax:  (22) 519-23-01
Koordynator - dr Aleksandra Łuczak


TOLES examination series is structured as follows:

  • TOLES Advanced (Level 3)
  • TOLES Higher (Level 2)
  • TOLES Foundation (Level 1)
TOLES Advanced is level 3 of the exam series.

The exam tests a candidate’s ability to use the authentic legal English required by international law firms.
Time: 2 hours 
Skills: Reading and writing 
Focus: Legal language in an authentic context 
Level of general English: Upper Intermediate - Advanced

What you need to know:

This qualification is the highest level TOLES exam.  This exam remains unchanged. It consists of one paper – 2 hours of reading and writing. Active, accurate knowledge and use of legal vocabulary is tested, together with the skills that are part of a lawyer’s everyday life:

•    letter writing,
•    understanding and explaining complex legal documents,
•    drafting as used by a modern commercial lawyer.
•    It is suitable for lawyers, translators, interpreters and law students.
•    No listening or speaking skills are tested at this level as law firms report that these skills are apparent to them at interview.
•    Maximum score is 500 points

GOLD (451-500) - The candidate has excellent general English skills and is assessed as having excellent legal English skills
ORANGE (401-450) - This candidate has very good general English skills and is assessed as having very good legal English skills
RED (301-400) - This candidate has well-above general English skills and good legal English skills
PURPLE (201-300) - This candidate has good general English skills and is assessed as having satisfactory legal English skills
BLUE (101-200) - This candidate has an above average level of general English skills and is assessed as having approaching satisfactory legal English skills
GREEN (0-100) - This candidate may have a good knowledge of general English but is assessed as having only basic legal English skills.    

TOLES Higher is level 2 of the exam series.

The exam tests knowledge and use of legal vocabulary.
Time: Paper 1 - 90 minutes, Paper 2 - 30 minutes 
Skills: Reading and writing; listening 
Focus: Using vocabulary appropriately and accurately; the register of legal language 
Level of general English: Pre-Intermediate - Upper Intermediate
The TOLES Higher examination is a logical progression from the TOLES Foundation examination.
TOLES Higher is based upon familiarity with and active use of the vocabulary introduced and tested at TOLES Foundation level.
The examination also tests new skills that are appropriate at this intermediate level of learning legal English.
TOLES Higher continues to encourage the ethos of learner independence that runs throughout the TOLES series. It continues a step-by-step approach to studying and testing and promotes the skills and knowledge necessary to go on to the most demanding level of legal English at TOLES Advanced level.

The examination has a strong focus upon the language of written contracts and accurate letter writing in that it is based on consultations with law firms as to candidates’ true needs in the workplace.
It also provides a solid grounding for a study of law in a UK or US university law faculty.

The TOLES Higher examination is modern and up-to-date. It takes account of the significant language reforms in the English legal system and the legal profession’s continued movement towards clearer use of English as recommended on Legal Practice Courses at all major UK universities and legal training centres.
The TOLES Higher examination requires little or no knowledge of English law or American law. A basic awareness of the use of common law as opposed to a civil code would be an advantage in that it gives candidates a useful overview, but it is by no means necessary. Knowledge of law is not tested at any stage but knowledge of legal vocabulary is fundamental. TOLES Higher specifically requires an active knowledge of, and a sensitivity to use of register in, the following general areas:
•    the language of discussing the Legal Profession and the Legal System 
•    the language of Contract law 
•    the language of Business and Company law 
•    the language of Banking and Finance 
•    the language of the law of Tort 
•    the language of Employment law 
•    the language of Property/real estate 
•    the language of Intellectual Property law 
•    the language of European Union law 
•    the vocabulary of written contracts 
•    the vocabulary of oral contracts 
•    ability to read texts on legal topics in all major areas of law 
•    collocation in all areas of legal communication 
•    preposition in all areas of legal communication 
•    modern letter writing 
•    the style of written contracts 
•    listening for gist, comprehension and specific vocabulary


Study materials:
The following materials are all of use for candidates who are preparing for TOLES Higher:

•  The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook
ISBN:  978-0-9540714-3-1
Author: Catherine Mason and Rosemary Atkins.
Publisher: Global Legal English (available 2007)
Contains Audio CD and answer key.

• An Essential A-Z of Business Law (second edition)
ISBN: 9780953765324
Publisher: Cambridge Law Studio
Description. A vocabulary workbook giving clear and precise definitions of essential legal vocabulary with exercises to follow. Contains answer key.

TOLES Foundation is level 1 of the exam series.

The exam tests knowledge and understanding of essential legal vocabulary.
Time: 90 minutes
Skills: Reading and writing
Focus: Vocabulary in context
Level of general English: Elementary-Advanced

TOLES Foundation is ideal for candidates of all levels of general English.  For candidates who are at a lower level of general English, this exam is appropriate for inclusion in a legal English course that introduces essential legal vocabulary in a controlled way.  To encourage accuracy at all levels of the TOLES series, prepositions are tested. As far as possible, the preferred tense is present/past simple, active voice. There is a strong focus upon understanding legal vocabulary in context and success in the exam requires sensitivity to how vocabulary is actually used as opposed to learning words in isolation from authentic text. TOLES Foundation is also a challenging exam for candidates who already possess good general English and are now acquiring legal vocabulary.

No listening or speaking skills are tested, as they can be more than adequately tested by general/business English exams at this level.

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