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Rector's statement on transitioning to the remote teaching mode

Dear Students!

Starting Monday, we are transitioning to the remote teaching mode.
We are entering the peak of the 4th wave of pandemic infections which overlaps with the seasonal flu. More and more people are reporting being unable to attend classes on campus due to being infected or experiencing symptoms - the students, academic faculty, and administrative staff supporting the didactic process alike. In these difficult times, we need to take care of the health of our entire community.
Therefore, I have made the decision that from Monday, November 22nd through Sunday, December 5th we are switching to the remote teaching mode for all Bachelor and Master programs. The mode of education for postgraduate studies is determined separately by the director of KEBS. We have proven IT systems for online education. We will use them now to safely wait out the rising tide of infections and return as soon as possible to on-site teaching, which gives everyone the most satisfaction.
Please take care of yourselves during this time, concentrate on your studies and limit your social activities in real life, get vaccinated! Let's stay together and support each other not only in this extremely difficult time but always.
During this time of remote education, the university campus remains open.

Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Ph.D. Rector