Huawei nowym partnerem Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego!

Huawei has become the newest partner of Kozminski University!

Huawei Polska and Kozminski University signed a partnership agreement within the ICT Academy program. Students of the ''Artificial Intelligence and Management'' program will have access to Huawei tools, trainings, and webinars. This agreement is the second joint initiative of Huawei and KU for the development of Polish science, following the launch of the postgraduate program Cyber Security Management.

The official signing of the agreement took place on November 16th on the premises of Kozminski University in Warsaw. The University was represented by Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Ph.D., Rector, and Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska, Vice-Rector for International Relations and ESR and the leader of Bachelor's Studies in Management and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the established partnership, students of this program learn new, intelligent technologies in practice, testing their skills and gaining access to knowledge and global experience from Huawei engineers. 

– We are thrilled that students of the Management and Artificial Intelligence program will have the opportunity to test their skills in data analysis and machine learning within the ICT Academy and that they will have access to interesting trainings and webinars, which will undoubtedly complement their formal education– said prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska.

According to a report prepared by the Digital Poland Foundation, the number of artificial intelligence experts among all employed individuals places Poland in the 24th position among EU countries. However, considering the pace of technological changes, and the growing share of cognitive technologies in business, the demand for qualified specialists will increase.

- According to the PARP data, by 2025 Poland will need about 200 thousand professionals specializing in artificial intelligence. They will be the driving force behind Industry 4.0, on which the development of our country's economic future will depend. Therefore, we are proud that today, as part of our ICT Academy program, we can help educate a new generation of digital experts whose knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications for business can be a significant driver for the development of the entire Polish economy – says Ryszard Hordyński, Strategy and Communications Director, Huawei Poland.

As part of the Huawei ICT Academy program, KU students will not only be able to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of AI and machine learning along with their use in business, but also undergo a certification process. Those who pass the appropriate exam will receive a certificate at the HCIA level, which will be valid for three years. So far, about 720 people in Poland can be proud of such a document, and having it is a great advantage when recruiting for engineering positions, among others in Huawei. The best students of ICT Academy can find future employment, among others, at Huawei's Warsaw R&D center focused on new technologies and AI.

- In Huawei, we believe that the cooperation and support of talented people is the basis for building a better, digital world that gives everyone a chance to develop and does not exclude anyone. So we want to continue to consistently support the education and professional development of talent in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Scandinavia by training more than 18,000 local students and stakeholders in this new generation of digital skills over the next three years – adds Ryszard Hordyński.

Kozminski University students will have access to several levels of trainings, which will be conducted online now, in the era of a pandemic. Participants will broaden their knowledge in such technologies as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), or cloud computing. As part of the ICT Academy program, we organize the Huawei ICT Competition, which has so far attracted 40,000 participants from over 800 universities and colleges in 32 countries. This year's international finale of the competition will be attended by a Polish team of six students of the Poznan University of Technology, who will compete with over a hundred teams from 39 countries.