About the Center for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the website of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Kozminski University. Our core activities are aimed at supporting ambitious forms of entrepreneurship. Here we have in mind high growth, innovative undertakings, expanding their operations on international markets. We assist such undertakings through academic research, advanced teaching programs and teaching materials provided online on e-learning platform.  We organize various training and advisory services for start-ups. We share our experiences with entrepreneurship educators in other universities in Poland within the framework of the Academic Network of Entrepreneurship Educators in Poland (SEIPA).

We are active locally by supporting local governments in their initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship. At the national level our focus is on the policy oriented research and monitoring  worldwide trends in the field of entrepreneurship. The results are disseminated through dedicated  publications and participation in various advisory bodies, like National Council of Entrepreneurship with the Minister of Economy and the Scientific Council of the Center of Entrepreneurship Research of the Polish Agency of Enterprise Development (PARP). We collaborate internationally while pursuing various research and training initiatives for students, also those implemented under auspices of the European Commission.


Introduction - Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Prof. Jerzy Cieślik