Two companies from the S/F Group - The Digitals and Booost - have started cooperating with our university. As substantive partners they will provide students with practical knowledge in the field of online marketing.


As part of this partnership Piotr Hassine, Managing Director of The Digitals and Booost, has been invited to join the Corporate Advisory Board of the majors related to the area of digital marketing, i.e. the Management in Virtual Environment Master's program (conducted in Polish) and the Digital Marketing major on the Master in Management Program, as well as postgraduate studies: Brand management and marketing strategies, Digital Marketing and Marketing, E-commerce, Digital Transformation.

The program Corporate Advisory Board consists of representatives from our substantive partners and Kozminski University. The task of this board is to come up with and give opinions on changes to the curricula of studies, evaluation of educational results of the programs and monitoring the content and forms of education in terms of their compatibility with the needs on the modern job market.

- "The Board's recommendations are the basis for introducing changes in the programs' curriculum, therefore we are glad that its work will be enhanced by the experience and knowledge of Piotr Hassine from the S/F Group". - said Dagmara Plata-Alf, Chair of the Corporate Advisory Board and Leader of the Digital Marketing major.

Booost prepared and conducted classes entitled "Using data in communication" and "TikTok as a new channel of access" as part of the Internet Marketing II course on management in virtual environment. As a result of the current circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic they are conducted online.

- "These topics are original studies of S/F Group experts, prepared on the basis of thier everyday experience and our practical knowledge. We look forward to working with such a renowned university and hope that the results will be satisfactory and long-lasting for both parties," said Piotr Hassine, Managing Director of The Digitals and Booost.

More information on the Digital Marketing major

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