The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many industries including Higher Education. Kozminski University has been actively supporting its community and beyond in these difficult times. Read a special report prepared with the activities that we have undertaken!


The Covid-19 pandemic is a huge test for everyone. For Kozminski University COVID-19 is also an additional incentive to create "A New School for New Times". With great strength, our employees, students and graduates have become involved in the broadly defined digital transformation.

"In the KU vs. COVID-19 report we have gathered all the activities that our community has undertaken in recent months - for students, seniors, hospitals, the business world. Often spontaneously, from the bottom up, with a commitment of time and energy. Initially, the plan was to archive these activities 'as a souvenir' - but it is probably worth showing them more widely - to thank our entire community and perhaps inspire others. COVID-19 does not give up, and neither do we! We support and act as long as we feel that someone needs it. - says Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, future Rector of KU.

Link to the report: bit.ly/2SNzxIi

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