Our law student, Kamil Rogucki, is organizing a bicycle trip "Iceland 2020: Cycling Circle for Veterans". The aim of the trip is to travel through Iceland and raise funds to support injured soldiers who have returned from missions abroad.


"The aim of our expedition is to travel around Iceland, i.e. to cover a distance of 1500 km.
The conditions in Iceland are not the easiest. We will have to face strong winds and heavy rainfall on the route. In addition, in some places the temperature can reach zero degrees Celsius. Additionally, we will not use hotel services, we will sleep in tents. We will travel through the semi-deserts, through the lands of eternal ice, up to huge areas covered with volcanic formations. After thinking about the expedition, we decided that it would be good to turn this great effort into helping those in need. This is how the idea was born to support injured soldiers who came back from missions outside the country, e.g. from Afghanistan, but also the family of the fallen" - says Kamil Rogucki, aa fourth year student of law at KU, who is going on the expedition with his colleague, Aleksander Czyż.

From the left: Aleksander Czyż, Kamil Rogucki

Kamil Rogucki studies law at KU and he is on his fourth year. He has always been interested in travelling and extreme sports. He has already visited more than 30 countries, travelling by hitchhiking, and has taken part in mountain bike marathons. He is a scout and is interested in the military.

Kamil Rogucki

The expedition to Iceland will take place between 16.07.2020-05.08.2020. Participants will keep us informed about its progress.

The funds collected during the expedition will be donated to the Association of Wounded and Victims during Missions Abroad, which has assumed honorary patronage over the expedition.

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