Members of KU's Marketing and Digital Transformation Council actively support the didactic and scientific activities in the field of marketing and management in a virtual environment via expert presentations and online meetings with students


KU's Marketing and Digital Transformation Council operates within a specially created team in the virtual space of MS Teams "Practitioners on Marketing", as well as by providing tools to support research and teaching process.

- "A dose of practical knowledge and a look from the inside of business during such a difficult times of uncertainty is a valuable lesson and an opportunity for students to confront theoretical knowledge with practical experience and learn about real management dilemmas," says Council Chair Dagmara Plata-Alf. "The walls of the university remain empty, but the idea of the university connecting the world of science with the world of business is doing well - we thank our Partners for their commitment. Despite the current difficulties we are together" she adds.

The Marketing and Digital Transformation Council was established by decision of the Rector of Kozminski University on January 22nd, 2020 as the first corporate advisory board supporting specific areas of study within KU.

During a solemn meeting of the Council on February 26th, 2020 the nominations to Council members were received by:

  • Grzegorz Berezowski, NapoleonCat
  • Michał Broniatowski
  • Dariusz Gulczyński, Ph.D.
  • Piotr Hassine, Group S/F
  • Przemysław Kurdziel, Allegro Brand Experience Agency
  • Tomasz Lis, Digital Experts Club, ENGINEERS
  • Andrzej Ludek, DNA Research Institute, ALMARES
  • Mieszko Maj, WALK Group
  • Magdalena Maruszczak, Ph.D., KPMG Poland
  • Michał Sadowski, Brand24
  • Piotr Sadowski, Webankieta.pl
  • Prof. Szymon Truskolaski, Ph.D.,UEP, DOJI S.A.
  • Konrad Zach, thinkHUB

Members - Program Leaders:

  • Dagmara Plata-Alf - Chair
  • Jolanta Tkaczyk Ph.D. - Member
  • Marcin Awdziej Ph.D. - Member
  • Krzysztof Kuźmicz Ph.D.- Member
  • Paweł de Pourbaix Ph.D.- Member

Programs conducted in English supervised by the Council:

The nominations were awarded by Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector-Elect of Kozminski University and Prof. Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinarič, Dean of the College of Management.

Pictures from the meeting and awarding ceremony.

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