Kozminski University is organizing the jubilee 50th edition of the international conference ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association). The theme will be games and simulations from various fields over the last five decades.


The ISAGA conference is the annual gathering of gaming and simulation enthusiasts from around the world.
As every year, the event aims are to meet people from the world of games, including gaming, facilitation (conflict resolution) or game design industries.

The round edition will be an opportunity to honor outstanding peopl,e who have contributed to the development of the above fields over the past half century. There will be retrospectives or panels on the ISAGA community heritage.
The last two days of the conference will be devoted to the future of the organization.

Speakers will include prof. dr ing. Sebastiaan Meijerl – deputy dean of the Royal Institute of Technology,
prof. dr Toshiyuki KANEDA from the Nagoya Institute of Technology, prof. dr Ivo Wenzler from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences or Ann Coppens – Chief Game Changer at Gamification at Nation Ltd. ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) is one of the oldest communities in the world involved in games
and simulations. Its origins date back to the seventies.

ISAGA members have extensive knowledge and experience in the development and use of simulations, games and related methods. ISAGA conference is a place where three disciplines meet: science, arts and crafts.
It focuses on systematic, methodologically correct assessment of game and simulation methods. The conference also focuses on important aspects of the aesthetics and attractiveness of games and also aims to develop key elements of actual design, conducting and facilitating experiments related to games and simulation.

During 50 years of its history, the annual ISAGA conference has been organized in over 30 countries, on almost all continents. This year's edition will also be one of the events accompanying the centenary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan.

The event's honorary patrons are: the National Center for Research and Development, the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The organizer of the ISAGA conference is the Center for Simulation, Games and Gamyfication of the Kozminski University (CSGG).

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