In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to ensure the health safety of our students, the University authorities decided to organize courses in the fall semester 2020/2021 in a hybrid model, with the remote mode being the predominant one.


Organization of studies in the fall semester 2020/2021

The hybrid model means that individual courses will be conducted using the following modes:

  • Remote - online courses with the use of the MS Teams platform. 
  • On-site - courses on the premises of the University, which will be conducted in compliance with the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. The presence of students at the University is recommended, but in justified situations the students can participate in the courses remotely through the MS Teams platform (audio transmission). Students, who are unable to join the on-site classes due to the epidemic situation are allowed to join classes this semester online.
  • Hybrid - both on-site and remote access to the classroom with the use of digital technology. The presence of students at the University is recommended.

The division of classes into the above mentioned modes is determined by the current epidemiological situation.

In the beginning of October, there will be courses organized on the premises of the University for the first year Bachelor and Master students, which will be conducted, among others, in the form of block modules with the use of proactive teaching methods allowing the most effective use of the interactive formula of education.

Detailed information about the courses, including dates and modes, will be provided by the Admission Office and published on the University's website later this month.  

Students undertaking studies at KU will be instructed in the use of the MS Teams platform.

Regulation no. 73 – 2019/2020
of the Rector of Kozminski University
of 1 September 2020

concerning the organisation of classes at Kozminski University
in the fall semester of the academic year 2020/2021
in conditions involving preventing, counteracting, and combating COVID-19

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