"Financial Times” has confirmed the Kozminski University’s strong position in its ranking of top business schools in Europe. Our University has been ranked 43rd, which is the highest place among business schools from Central and Eastern Europe.


At the top of the ranking there are established schools based in Western Europe: London Business School, HEC Paris and Insead. They offer mostly graduate education at the master’s level and full-time MBA studies. Top European business schools also launch their programs in such remote, yet promising locations, like China, Japan, Morocco, and United Arab Emirates. ESCP Europe, ranked 11th, has six campuses, including the one run by Kozminski University, its Polish partner.
Kozminski University educational offer is a comprehensive one: from undergraduate studies to master’s and postgraduate to doctoral studies, all in its Warsaw campus.
Ranking of the top European business schools combines lists of the best management and Executive MBA studies, published by “FT” earlier this year. Kozminski University’s management was ranked 17th, while Executive MBA – 38th in Europe. Such places give the Polish university a serious advantage in a highly competitive European business education market.
Students from all over the world choose to study overseas also on the basis of "FT” lists. The British daily collects data about business schools from their graduates who fill out anonymous questionnaires three years after finishing their studies. Among factors taken into account are: professional positions accomplished during this period and salary range (adjusted according to its purchasing power).
- I can confirm that – due to Kozminski University’s established presence in “FT” lists – number of our international students, now from 70 countries, has been steadily growing. Currently, every fourth student of our undergraduate and master’s programs comes from another country – says Professor Witold Bielecki, Rector of Kozminski University. Overseas students choose KU also thanks to the prestigious international accreditations, highly recognized by employers around the world: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, and to availability of the entire programs in English.
High position of KU in “FT” rankings is a result of impressive careers of KU graduates and their opinions about the school, but also of many novelties in its curriculum. Innovative, recently launched specialties at KU, like Big Data Analysis, Digital Marketing (masters program) or Management and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Society (bachelor program), are now considered at the top business schools as the most prospective ones.
– For Poles applying to our school, opinions of their acquaintances that graduated from KU and are satisfied with the studies count more than “FT” listings. They mostly value our first position among private universities in Poland, which we’ve been holding for 19 years in a row. This year, we were ranked – ex aequo with Warsaw School of Economics – as the best economic school in Poland by “Perspektywy”. Yet, for people from Canada, Peru or China the “FT” rankings are more credible, and they also appreciate that Poland is a part of the European Union, with moderate tuition and costs of living, in fact, one of the lowest in Europe – comments Professor Grzegorz Mazurek, KU Vice-Rector for International Cooperation. In his opinion, one of the side effects of Brexit will be an additional influx of international students to Poland, which remains within the EU.
The „FT” ranking shows that business schools from Central and Eastern Europe are gradually catching up with the “old” Europe, even though their number among the top schools is still limited. Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia each have one school in the “FT” list, while two business schools represent Poland. In addition to KU (43rd), also Warsaw School of Economics is featured (71st place).

"FT" European Business Schools Ranking 2018

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