David Hanson, the American creator of the famous robot Sophia, has visited our university. He met with the authorities of our university and talked about possibilities of cooperation in Artificial Intelligence range.


As a CEO of the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, David Hanson has been working on humanoid robots since 2013. The most famous of these is Sophia. The robot mimics human movements, facial expressions and gestures, and even tries to show emotion. Its operation is based on the principles of machine learning, on the basis of which it constantly analyzes the statements of people around it and adjusts its own comments. Moreover, thanks to cameras installed in her eyes, Sophia is able to maintain eye contact with her conversation partner.

Sophia enjoys the unwavering interest of media from all over the world, which she regularly interviews. In 2017, as the first robot in the world, Sophia has received Saudi Arabia citizenship.

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