As part of the cooperation between the KU Center of Simulation Games and Gamification and Kozminski University Sports Association with Daftmobile, our students can take part in e-sports competitions, while realizing part of their PE classes.


"Due to the current necessity of maintaining a social distance and bringing most of our daily activities online, we want to meet the current needs of students and offer those interested the opportunity to participate in PE activities in the form of a virtual e-sport competition. During specially organized online sessions, students can play, discuss and share their impressions and comments on the games". - says Marcin Wardaszko, Ph.D. Director of the KU Center of Simulation Games and Gamification.

As part of their PE credits, students can play two mobile e-sport games created and produced by Daftmobile: the SpeedPong real-time game and the Legendary Tactical Arena, which is a turn-based battle arena.

Kozminski University also has an e-sport section. Players can join the Lions for Gaming (L4Gaming) section, where they train their skills together.

In March, 2020 the most talented L4Gaming players represented the university in the E-AMP, i.e. E-sport Academic Polish Championships, organized by the national Academic Sports Association. The E-AMPs enable the competition of e-sports sections that decide to exhibit players representing the university in a given tournament. The L4Gaming team took the third place. They also gained a silver medal at the Best Gamer Tournament.

In the beginning of May, 2020 the Kozminski University Sports Association and the KU Student Council in cooperation with  several partners organized the live streaming of the Kozminski E-Sport Cup semi-finals and finals, a professional e-sport tournament, which was attended by about 700 participants. It was a demonstration of gaming skills of players, as well as professional commentary from casters. The first semi-finals in CS:GO took place on the Facebook page of the KU L4Gaming e-sport section.

Players of our section can use a professionally equipped gaming room. This room is designed to enable the training of skills and integration of people with gaming interests. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the L4Gaming section. Kozminski University is planning to futrher develop the e-sport section and expand it with new game titles. KU's main partner in the field of e-sport is a professional gaming organization: PRIDE. In cooperation with it, our university also organized the Kozminski E-Sport Day event. This conference was devoted to the discipline of fast-growing electronic sports.

In addition, the KU team competes in Eduliga, which runs the academic e-sport league, and the academic league of T-Mobile.

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