93% of students and 89% of foreigners assess Warsaw as a very good place for professional development and living conditions - according to the "Human Capital in Warsaw 2019" report prepared as an initiative of the Warsaw City Hall.


According to the "Human Capital in Warsaw 2019" report, prepared by the Warsaw City Hall Economic Development Office, the capital city is a perfect place to work and live in, which every year attracts talented students, investors and artists from other parts of Poland and the world.

Each year, nearly 220 thousand students study at 62 universities in the Warsaw. They are attracted by a wide educational and cultural offer. They expect high quality education, qualified staff and diversified classes which will be consistent with their interests. Over 75% of students in Warsaw are very satisfied with the educational program they have chosen.

Every year, 50,000 graduates leave the walls of capital city universities. 6 out of 10 have taken up studies in the capital city, because of the possibility of gaining valuable professional experience in the form of internships, trainings or to work in international companies already during their studies.

Every year the city welcomes new students and specialists from Western Europe, including Germany, France and Great Britain.

People from these countries appreciate the ratio of high salaries to the cost of living. The second indicator, covering, among others, the costs of housing and services in the countries of origin, is much higher, which means that they are increasingly willing to move to Warsaw, study here, and then find a stable employment and living accomodations.

Young people from multicultural backgrounds, with different perspectives and experiences, offer companies located in the capital city a fresh perspective on business and attract investors who create new job possibilities.

Almost all the foreigners surveyed were surprised by the high level of security, friendly attitute the of Varsovians and an abundance of green areas. 86% of the respondents would definitely recommend moving to Warsaw to someone close to them.  

The report was commissioned by the City of Warsaw to reach the strategic objectives of attracting and supporting the capital's talents and leaders.

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