14TH INTERNATIONAL WEEK Universidade Europeia | IADE | IPAM


Dear Colleagues,

Dear Colleagues/Partners,

As usual the 14th International Week will combine an International Staff Program and an International Lecture Program.

Each participant can choose to participate in the International Staff Program and/ or participate in the International Lecture Program.

Please note: Participation in the International Staff Program is exclusive to university partners members.

The International Staff  Program will take place during the International Week, one day on each Campus in Lisbon (Carnide, Lispolis, Santos) and Porto.

We invite you to participate in the International Fair with several University partners participants and in 2 Staff sessions Home Universities Presentationsand Mobility Best Practices Workshop.

The International Fair will take place during the International Week, one day on each Campus in Lisbon (Carnide, Lispolis, Santos) & Oporto.

Exhibitors will be provided, so we kindly ask you to send us promotional material by post mail.


Faculty members and staff members from partners institutions are invited to participate in our international activities during the Fair.

Invited Professors and Lecturers from our partner universities and others, have to submit proposals for lectures or workshops.

Every participating lecturer will be assigned to a host professor at Universidade Europeia, IPAM Lisboa or IPAM Porto. We hope this will provide extra opportunities for sharing best practices and collaborating on future projects.

- It is mandatory to send Abstract and Curriculum Vitae by email;

- All the lectures must be taught in Portuguese or English;

- All the lectures should be approved by our academic board;

The International Lecture Program will take place from Tuesday to Friday. Each participant should give 4h hours of Lectures or workshops to our students, according the themes approved and schedules proposed. All the lectures are invited to participate in a research meeting.

In this edition, the theme is: Innovation in a Global World:

The impact of globalization is deeply affecting how innovation is managed in the educational area and on companies. This year, our international week will bring to the table subjects like: how globalization is changing dynamics in education, businesses and society and the resultant implications for innovation at different levels.

We invite you to come and share your experience and expertise in the 14th edition of our International Week, to be held in March 2020 in the cities of Lisbon and Oporto.

We welcome proposals that address issues related to, but not limited to the general theme.


Application Deadline: December 15th, 2019

Online application form: https://bit.ly/2Mg9erp

Application Acceptance:
We will confirm accepted proposals by email until January 15th, 2020

International Week dates: March 9th -  March 13th.

Promotional material for the International Fair to be sent by post mail until:

January 31th, 2019.

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