Double Degree Master in Management with KEDGE Business School 2-year program

About the program 

Euromed Management (Marseille) and Bordeaux Ecole de Management (Bordeaux) have combined forces to create KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL and they are fast becoming one of Europe's leading schools of business and management.   

The 1st year will be spent in Warsaw, Poland and the 2nd year in Bordeaux, France . This is the perfect opportunity to increase an international exposure and experience two different European cultures at the best business schools in Poland and France.

The program is open to three students who will be chosen to participate in this program after completing the first semester of the Master's Program in Management at KU (based on the GPA level).

What you gain from your studies? 

  • Knowledge of leading strategic concepts and current research findings
  • Knowledge of most interesting case studies and practices
  • Skills and tools to address diversity management challenges
  • Ability to anticipate and respond to the rapidly changing environment under pressure
  • Skills and tools needed for successful formulation, evaluation and implementation of new competitive strategies
  • Ability to handle complex business challenges within a budget and time limits
  • Competencies in multicultural management
  • Skills and tools needed to conduct independent critical analyses of organizations, businesses and business models, and strategy
  • Ability to evaluate management processes as a whole in versatile environments
  • Knowledge of typical organizational problems and their diagnostics

Class schedule 

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Admission requirements 

Double Degree program in Management is available only to students of standard Master in Management program. Students should apply in the first year of the standard program for the possibility to participate in the Double Degree. The admission requirements for Master in Management are available HERE

The admission to Double Degree program is based on students GPA during studies at Kozminski University. Double Degree application may require submission of additional documents. Concerning the details you may contact the Coordinator of Double Degree programs:

Ms. Paulina Seroka

tel. +48 22 519 24 93