Free access for all KU students to the "Financial Times" databases! 

The "Financial Times" daily is a reliable and proven source of information about global business, international finance, political and economic events. It is created by more than 600 journalists
from 50 countries around the world.

"The Financial Times" is read daily by more than 2 million readers.

  • 60% of them are managerial staff
  • 49% are board members of multinational corporations
  • 77% make an international business trip
  • 15% are millionaires.

As many as 91% of readers admit that the Financial Times offers content not found in other sources.
(FT Global Survey 2015).

Every student of Kozminski University receives free access to the premium content of "Financial Times". As a result, they can be used not only by lecturers during classes, but also by students as a supplement to the basic curriculum and material for self-study and research.

Unrestricted access to Financial Times resources improves students' insight and business sensitivity. It enhances their ability to make correct judgements, perceive connections, and identify connections.
and anticipate the consequences of current economic, social and political events in the international arena.

Premium package benefits for students:

  • Access to all content from the archive (search by topic and keyword)
  • Possibility of receiving personalized notifications to your e-mail address (Email Alerts)
  • Possibility to receive summaries of selected topics (Email Briefings)
  • Daily access to the electronic paper edition (editions: Europe, US, UK, Asia, Mid East)
  • Access to market data with the ability to analyze results (Markets Data)
  • Access to FT Special Reports, searchable by subject, region, date of publication
  • Access to a tool supporting business English language learning (FT Lexicon)
  • Access to reporter blogs (FT Blogs)

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