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There are three formats for submission to the conference:



1) Full papers

Full papers submitted to the seminar will be reviewed for potential publication in a globally recognized academic journal and will be subjected to a double-blind review process by a board of international reviewers.

The authors can self-select between the Journal of Business Logistics (JBL) and the International Journal of Logistics Management (IJLM) depending on personal preferences and fit of the manuscript to the mission of the respective journal. The process for JBL will be managed by its European Editors, Professors Carl Marcus Wallenburg and Andreas Wieland. The process for IJLM will be managed by its Editor, Professor Britta Gammelgaard.

Authors of full papers accepted for ERS will be asked to present the paper at the European Research Seminar. Presentation is a precondition for possible publication in either of the two journals.

7 February, 2019Latest date for submission of abstract (150-200 words that outlines both the content and the utilized research methodology). Send to wallenburg@whu.edu. Please, note that no feedback will be given regarding these abstracts. They have an operational purpose in facilitating quick decision-making after the full-paper submission via pre-allocation of reviewers etc.
25 February, 2019Latest date for submission of full paper.
Text body of manuscripts will typically be 6,000–8,000 words but special attention is given to contribution–length ratio. The manuscript must be written according to the style guide/template of the journal it is submitted to. You can find instructions at the journal’s webpage:
The full paper (clearly specifying in the submission letter that the paper is intended for the ERS) needs to be submitted to the manuscript handling tool of either  Journal of Business Logistics (JBL): mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jbl or  International Journal of Logistics Management (IJLM) mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijlm
18 March, 2019Notification to authors whether the paper is accepted or rejected for presentation at ERS and whether the paper is considered for publication in the journal it was submitted to (either JBL or IJLM). All papers that are considered for publication in the journal are then sent out to multiple journal reviewers.
6 June, 2019Notification to authors on decision regarding a publication in the journal (JBL or IJLM) – accept; revise & resubmit, or reject.


2) Conference papers

Conference papers present work-in-progress research and will be reviewed for their potential to eventually be published in a top logistics/SCM journal. They are papers that report on high quality research that is not yet finished as certain steps in the research process are still to be carried out (e.g., the data collection is still missing). A conference paper must include an abstract of max. 200 words.

25 February, 2019: Latest date for submission of conference paper.

Text body of conference papers must not exceed 5,000 words with special attention given to contribution–length ratio. The paper should be written according to the JBL style guide/template.


The time schedule for the review process hereafter is as follows:


25 March, 2019


Notification to authors whether the paper is accepted or rejected for presentation at ERS. This decision is made by the scientific board of ERS.


22 April, 2019


Written feedback to authors with strong points and potential shortcomings of the conference paper.


Please submit conference paper electronically as a Microsoft Word document via e-mail to Andreas Wieland, awi.om@cbs.dk Indicate clearly in the e-mail that this is a submission of an ERS conference paper.

3) Discussion topics

To facilitate open interaction and discussion, a special feature of the ERS are 60 to 90 minutes time slots dedicated to discussing topics of high relevance.  The aim of these sessions is to focus on topics that are of high relevance for academia and/or the future development of the discipline; these topics should address new academic areas and/or exploit new methods. The content could relate to the future of a current research stream, a new research call, a new hypothesis and/or an innovative research or teaching approach etc. The format could be a workshop, interactive debate, mini-presentations, or any other format that helps to encourage and facilitate interaction and discussions among the participants.

We invite scholars to submit a discussion proposal that includes but is not limited to:

The discussion topic proposal should be a brief description of the above. You are encouraged to coordinate the contents of a discussion topic proposal with other researchers and come up with a joint proposal that includes interaction from different scholars. These proposals will be evaluated by the ERS scientific board with the objective to select topics and formats that will be highly interesting and valuable for the participants of ERS.



25 February, 2019


Latest date for submission of discussion topic.
Please submit discussion topics electronically to Fredrik Nilsson via fredrik.nilsson@plog.lth.se


25 March, 2019


Notification whether a discussion topic has been selected






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