Warsaw – the Capital of Ambitious Business




04.05.2009 – 30.06.2011
6 151 151,11 PLN, founds: 1 694 669,09 PLN, Leader: the Capital City of Warsaw, Partner: Kozminski University

Given its capital city status and metropolitan character, Warsaw has long been the heart of Polish business. Kozminski University is one of the major Polish business higher education institutions. Extensive development of entrepreneurship in Poland’s capital city is a priority for both Partners – the Capital City of Warsaw and KU.

The main objectives of the project focused on the popularisation of knowledge on setting up and running a business, promotion of entrepreneurship, and development and increasing the awareness of self-employment among the inhabitants of Warsaw. A tangible effect of the project was an increase in the number of newly launched businesses in the Capital City of Warsaw.

“Warsaw – the Capital of Ambitious Business” consists of two complementary modules. The training module handled by KU, which let Warsaw inhabitants intending to start a business participate in workshops and consultation sessions, in the form of both personal counselling and group activities. During the training, the participants gained knowledge and experience but also made use of their creative resources and innovation, and planned the dynamics of their own business activity. The module handled by the Capital City of Warsaw included promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment in the capital city by providing free information on the development of entrepreneurship, setting up and running a business, and 2 citywide promotional campaigns.  Project participants were also provided with early-stage support and financial resources for the development of their newly established business.