Sustainable Transitions Major

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Sustainable Transitions
Major on the
Master in Management Program

About the Major

Graduation from the Sustainable Transitions major on the Master in Management program will allow alumni to gain up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of business opportunities and challenges resulting from the process of radical transformation (e.g. EU climate neutrality and European Green Deal goals, Fit for 55, US Green New Deal, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement, Decade of Ecosystem Restoration). The ambition is no longer just to reduce a company's negative impact on the environment by 10%, for example in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, but to reduce it tenfold. The next goal is to create positive effects for the environment, for example producing products with negative emissions when more CO2 is absorbed than produced over the life cycle. Sustainable transformations aim to fundamentally rebuild the economy and social life in response to the climate and environmental crisis. Graduates will gain an in-depth knowledge of the trends shaping sustainable transformations in key sectors of the economy and the skills to apply this knowledge to plan, design, and implement innovative changes in specific areas of business. Graduates will gain advanced skills in combining knowledge from different disciplines and building cross-sectoral agreements to actively engage in the global transformation process. The involvement of practitioners from companies and organizations most advanced in sustainable transformation efforts in the preparation and teaching of the course provides current and practical knowledge of how to implement sustainable practices in business.

The program is addressed to graduates of undergraduate programs in Poland and abroad who want to actively work in sustainable business transformation and are looking for a place that will equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and contacts to do so.

Unique Values

The first management program in Poland with this kind of major

One of the few in Europe!

Have classes with experts from the industry

Extensive participation of practitioners, external experts, and international lecturers.

Practical approach

Project-based learning related to real-world challenges of companies and organizations.

Partnerships with companies leading sustainable transformation in their industries.

It allows students to gain access to knowledge about the latest trends, solutions, and challenges.

Close cooperation with the Postive Impact Start-up ecosystem at KU
Networking opportunities

Build professional networks with companies and organizations working towards sustainable transformation.

Tha Major's Leaders

Agata Dembek

Agata Dembek, Ph.D. - researches social aspects of sustainable transformation and sustainable entrepreneurship. Manager and participant of international and transdisciplinary research projects in the field of energy transition.

Agata Stasik

Agata Stasik, Ph.D. - researches the process of the sustainable energy transition, especially the role of energy clusters and energy communities. Head of NCN grants and researcher in international research projects. Participant of The Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership.

Partners of the major coming soon!

What You Gain From Your Studies?

  • A unique mix of knowledge, competencies and contacts, which will provide you with a necessary edge on the job market.
  • Access to a comprehensive set of case studies and solution examples from a variety of industries and disciplines
  • Experience from classes built in coloperation between business and local government researchers and practitioners
  • A practical understanding of the challenges of sustainable practical understanding of the challenges of sustainable transformation on the local level and their integration with an international context

Career Opportunities

Graduation from the Master in Management program with the Sustainable Transitions major will enable alumni to plan and lead sustainable change in companies across a variety of industries and to operate effectively in the growing startup industry providing innovative solutions for sustainability. Graduates will be able to find employment on such positions as::

  • Sustainable Transition Manager,
  • ESG Manager,
  • Climate Officer,
  • Sustainability Manager,
  • Sustainable Entrepreneur,
  • Impact Startup Founder,
  • Sustainability Specialist in public institutions,
  • Sustainability Specialist in NGOs and industry organizations,
  • and many other positions.


Selected courses

  • The economics of sustainable transformation
  • Innovations for a sustainable transformation
  • Closed-cycle economy
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Strategies for Sustainable Organizations

Leading lecturers on the major:

Franjo Mlinarič, Ph.D.

Experienced faculty who loves to combine scientific rigor with consulting experience in an international environment. Co-founder of a BI start-up and a private Institute iRDM, associate editor of Lex Localis, and the head of a top FT-ranked Master's program in finance and accounting at Kozminski University. His research focuses on sustainable value creation, business model transition, and the economic impact of public investment.

Responsible for the subject: Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is no longer an option but has become a business imperative. Based on ESG principles and best practices, our course delivers a common-sense roadmap for future business leaders to accelerate the transformation towards corporate sustainability. The course will guide you from the 'Why' to the 'Who' and 'How' of building resilient business models that benefit society as a whole through sustainable value creation.

Prof. Bolesław Rok

Professor of Sustainability Management at Kozminski University, Director of Positive Entrepreneurship Research Lab, Academic Director of “Sustainable Development Goals in the Company's Strategy” Executive Programme.

Responsible for the subject: Closed-cycle economy

The business model redesign is a key to addressing social and environmental challenges, focusing on improving the positive impact and closing the loop. Start-ups are now on the move to help solve humanity’s biggest problems. The main driver for circular entrepreneurs, positive impact start-up founders, is their willingness to combine and balance their desire to change the world with their desire for material benefits and growth. Cases from all over the world will be presented plus practical recommendations for circular entrepreneurs.


Prof. Waldemar Karpa

Economics of sustainable transition

Economic tools and policies related to green transition.

Holding a Ph.D. from Paris 1 University and HDR from Kozminski University prof. Karpa’s research interest embraces innovation markets, innovation policy, as well as climate change economics. He also serves as a consultant for industrial change. As a lecturer, he values a real-economy set-up in the classroom and strives for an ever-engaging student learning experience. He is an enthusiast of novel and interactive learning tools.


Prof. Marta Strumińska-Kutra

Professor of organizational sociology and social innovation at Kozminski University and VID Specialized University, Oslo, Norway. Her research focuses on the practice of sustainable transitions, mainly processes of innovating and managing tensions related to institutional and organizational change. As a researcher and teacher, she engages in international projects combining at least two of the three elements: 1) scientific knowledge creation, 2) development of practice supporting sustainable transitions, and 3) development and improvement of university-based teaching and learning methods.

Responsible for the course:
Governance, politics, and management of sustainable transitions.
Multisectoral and multilateral cooperation


Class Schedule

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.