Extracurricular activity 

Academic Societies 

Every student knows that studying is not everything. Studies at KOZMINSKI is a unique opportunity to taste "student life" in the fullest sense. There are a lot of students organizations such as Student Council, ESN Kozminski, and numerous scientific circles. Every year, traditionally, we organize School Days called Kozminalia, initiation ceremonies, "Połowinki" and many other attractive events, meetings and conferences specifically designed for students.

Students of the Kozminski University are involved in university life through active participation in scientific circles. At the university operates 11 research groups:

Scientific Club "BIZ.COM"


Students’ Organization biz.com brings together students of Koźmiński University who are interested in mastering and continuous improvement the art of effective communication in business.

The scope of activities:

  • popularization of the idea of effective business communications,
  • developing the effective business communication skills in a range of different communication techniques,
  • making analysis of the form and content of business communications,
  • conducting research on the impact of cultural differences on business communication in foreign languages,
  • perfecting the language skills in the translation of business texts and everyday business communications,
  • developing of individual research interests in the field of business communications.

Our organization pursues its objectives by:

  • organizing and co-organizing lectures, seminars and other events contributing to the deepening of knowledge in specialized communications issues,
  • cooperation with organizations and socio-cultural organizations,
  • other activities conducive to the development of its statutory objectives.




Academic mentor:
dr Halina Wiśniewska
Centrum Języków Obcych ALK

Students Scientific Club of Marketing "KREATYWNI"


"Kreatywni" is an active student association on Kozminski University. We specialize in branding, market innovations, marketing strategies and online marketing.
Do you have positive energy and head full of crazy ideas?
Join us!





Webpage: www.kreatywni.kozminski.edu.pl

Academic mentor:
Anna Górska      

Students Scientific Club „DECYDENCI”

Students Club Decision Games – Decydenci work next to Simulation Games Centre and Gamification. Our aim is extend interest and popularization Simulation Games. Decydenci set up events, build contacts, implement projects.
Joining Decision Games Club is a very good decision!




Academic mentor:
MA Michał Jakubowski
Katedra Metod Ilościowych i Zastosowania Informatyki    

Scientific Club of Financial Markets „KAPITALNI”

Scientific Club of Financial Markets "Kapitalni" enables its members to develop and deepen the knowledge of the functioning of financial markets. It popularizes the subject of financial markets among students. Scientific Club of Financial Markets "Kapitalni" helps to raise investment  awareness of students and enables the exchange of investment experience.



Academic mentor:
Prof. Adam Noga

Katedra Ekonomii

Scientific Club „AUDYTOR”

Are you interested in accounting and audit? Do you consider to develop you skills in this area? If yes, please feel free to join our student club AUDYTOR. Our aim is to broaden our knowledge in the field of accounting, international accounting standards, taxes, audit as well as to organise thematic seminars and debates. 





Academic mentor:
MA Karolina Skorulska
Katedra Rachunkowości

Students Scientific Club „WELL-BALANCED”

The club was founded to associations of students who want to work on the development of their competence. By sustainable development we understand the balance between various aspects of human functioning in society and in the organization. We combine theory with practice in many different fields of science. The club carries out projects and studies interdisciplinary. Through meetings with people involved in science or business, and cooperation with companies we gain practical knowledge on sustainable development.
Our name, "well-balanced" indicates a move towards sustainable development of the organization and the balance between work and private life. The group's activities focus on highlighting the fact that interdisciplinary and broad horizons based on personal competencies are very important in managing a thriving organization.



Academic mentor:
dr Anna Czarczyńska
Katedra Ekonomii

The Science Group „ACTIO EFFICIENS”

The Science Group „Actio Efficiens” aims at increasing students awareness concerning Intellectual Property Law, due to the fact that IP Law, which includes copyright and neighboring rights and industrial property, is vast, dynamic and fast-developing branch of law, which makes its knowledge extremely sought after on the labour market.
The Tutor and the leader of the group aspire to make all the meetings beneficial for the participants, through discussing and preparing short presentations. The participants have the chance to both deepen the knowledge skills about the IP law and practice in the rhetoric.
„Actio Efficiens” is open to all the students interested in the topic, regardless of their level of knowledge, major year and age.


Webpage: www.actioefficiens.kozminski.edu.pl 


Academic mentor:
PhD Joanna Buchalska

Katedra Prawa Własności Intelektualnej


Scientific Club of Process, Project and Change Management „SPINKA”

 “SPINKA” is the first scientific circle of process, projects and change management that brings together students and graduates of Leon Kozminski Uniwersity. The current meeting form was created in 2012. Master of Science, Mr Waldemar Czachorowski is the guardian of our scientific club. The name “SPINKA” means dedicated by club conceptions that form a compact system, which staples together the most important questions of management.

 “SPINKA’s” goals are:

  • To maximize theoretical knowledge of the members of the club of process, projects and change management in organization;
  • To develop process, projects and change management skills of the members by taking part in researching projects;
  • To use theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • To create and grow the contact net among students, graduates and world of business and science;
  • To develop cooperation with ALK faculty and business’ world representatives;
  • To develop member’s personalities and to promote team work.

The above goals of „SPINKA” will be achieved by:

  • Cooperation with organization and realization deputed projects with the help of management methods;
  • Realization team and individual researcher projects by the members of “SPINKA”;
  • Organizing competitions, trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences and study trips within and beyond the country;
  • Participation in events prepared by other organizations;
  • Cooperation with organizations that have similar goals; 
  • Establishing contacts with leaders in process and projects management.




Webpage: www.spinka.kozminski.edu.pl  



Academic mentor:
mgr Waldemar Czachorowski                            
Katedra Metod Ilościowych i Zastosowania Informatyki


Scientific Club „EX ANTE”

The aim of the "Ex Ante" Students' Law Club is to provide students with interesting legal procedures as well as norms that might not seem to be useful during everyday classes, but quite important in their not-too-distant future - private and professional life. By the means of our meetings, we are trying to present law as an interesting aspect of life and convince the audience that it is not limited to the "boring memorizing" of legal cases and norms. We do our best to show the ways in which one can notice the usage of law in various structures and organizations that surround us.




strona www: www.exante.kozminski.edu.pl 


Academic mentor:
PhD Tomasz Niepytalski

Katedra Administracji i Prawa Administracyjnego


Kozminski University Legal Clinic

The main aim of Kozminski University Legal Clinics’ activities is to provide its members with legal knowledge as well as to improve their skills and proficiency in the field of legal advice practice. Legal Clinics’ seminars are practically-oriented, therefore „case study” method is commonly used. By means of workshop of this kind students are acknowledged with the very basis and importance of certain legal institutions and are encouraged to seek for the possible solutions to both factual and legal problems being taken under scrutiny (analysis). Having gained vast and profound knowledge, Legal Clinics’ members, with the approval of their supervisors, render legal advice by drafting /preparing pleadings, complaints and other types of legal documents.  

It has to be underlined, that Clinics’ activity concentrates on a wide range of topics; this is, among others, why there are five sections dedicated to certain, more specialized, subjects of interest:

  • Civil Law Section,
  • Criminal Law Section,
  • Family and Custody Law Section,
  • Labour and Social Security Law Section,
  • Administrative Law Section.

It is worth mentioning that in response to a social need in 2015 we have launched a programme on Tax Law; the success of this project led us to make it a constantly operating section.




Webpage: www.poradnia.kozminski.edu.pl


Academic mentor:
PhD Mateusz Woiński

Katedra Prawa Karnego



KBC is a student society at Kozminski University that connects top tier Polish businesspeople with students, enhancing their business and career awareness.
The activity of Kozminski Business Club is based on two pillars.


The first is to convene entrepreneurs among Kozminski University students as well as people interested in business. KBC creates a platform where members may exchange experience, inspire themselves mutually, and network.

The second is to organize events which promote entrepreneurship and inspire further development.


Academic mentor:
PhD Justyna Starostka

Katedra Zarządzania