Procedure of transfer 



Aneta Gąsiewska

Head of Student Office

Kozminski International Business School

For Fall Semester 2020/2021



Procedure of transfer - step by step 


Submission of documents required

Check Admission requirement:

Application for reinstatement as a student






Process analysis


Be ready for additional requests




Provisional decision of the Dean of the Kozminski International Business School

  • Provisional decision will be sent to your e-mail address

Admission Procedure – step by step 


Registration on-line and dispatch of original documents 

Please complete the online application form

 Sign up  

(please choose Undergraduate/Graduate Program, NOT Exchange)






Prepare your application package

  • documents,
  • photos,
  • printed and signed online application form


Submit your application

Please send it by regular registered mail.

Aneta Gąsiewska
Head of Student Office
Kozminski International Business School
Jagiellońska 57/59
03-301 Warszawa, Poland

Once all required documents are submitted and all the fees are transferred, an Official decision will be issued and ready to collect at the Students` Office (D-33 room). Working hours of the Students` Office you can find here.

We may sent it via regular mail if possible.



  • Admission Fee,
  • Tuition Fee,
  • Program Differences Fee

The Admission Fee should be transferred to the Kozminski University bank account.

Admission Fee is non-refundable:
85 PLN for Bachelor programs
100 PLN for Master programs

PEKAO S.A. II O/Warszawa

20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637


Fee for Program differences  and Tuition should be transferred to the Students` Individual account.

Once the Student registers in the system online, she/he will receive the individual account number by e-mail.

Please note that the payment will be calculated according to the exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland (


Arrival to KU and Signing of the contract

The final step of the transfer procedure is signing a contract with the University and student`s pledge.

After this step student is given official decision which is titled “Decision on admission on the basis of transfer” or “Decision on reinstatement of studies”.






Congratulations, you have completed transfer process!

Welcome to Kozminski International Business School