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If you wish to use these data bases from your home computer - follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS.



Academicaover 1.5 million digitized items from the resources of Polish National Library; temporarly unavailable
the workstation at the KU Library; if you wish to use this database, you must fill user statement and deliver it to a librarian
AtoZtool for searching periodicals in bases EBSCO, Elsevier, HeinOnline, JSTOR, ProQuest, SAGE and SpringerKU, proxy server
Bloombergfinancial markets data and other economic dataroom A-24 (building A)
Cambridge University Pressbooks and chapters published by Cambridge University; the base available to May 31KU, proxy server
Czytelnia Czasopism onlineon 31 January 2019 this base joins to Lex Akademia
Ebook Centralmonographs, mainly in economics and law (before first using - click the writing "Join Ebook Central" and register yourself)
KU, proxy server
EBSCOset of bases containing among others full-text articles and ebooks in economics, law, social science and other subjectsKU, proxy server
Elseviersee ScienceDirect
Emeraldarticles from Emerald Backfiles collection; if you wish to see titles of this collection, click HERE
KU, proxy server
EMISdata concerning industry, articles from newspapers and magazines, “Monitor Polski B”; NOTICE: there are available countries of Central Europe only; uploading data is possible only by individual profile, if you wish to learn how can you create your profile - click HERE
KU, proxy server (until library reopen)
ePNPmonographs and periodical published by Polish science institutionsworkstations No. 31, 32, 33 and 34 at the Library "Informatorium"
Euromonitorsee Passport
Financial Timessee FT.com
FT.comworld news and economic data prepared by Financial Times Groupaccess by an individual account; to create it - use KU computer, open FT.com and click "Subscribe" on upper right corner of the screen
GMIDsee Passport
HeinOnlinearchival articles from law journalsKU, proxy server
IBUK Librahandbooks and monographs mainly in economics and lawKU, proxy server
INFOR LEXlegal acts and journals published by INFOR
KU, proxy server
LegalisPolish legal acts and law monographs published by BeckKU, proxy server
Lex AkademiaPolish legal act and law literatureKU, proxy server
Lex Omegafrom 31 January 2019 this base is replaced by base Lex Akademia
NASBImonographs and handbooksKU (before the first use registration at KU campus is required; if you wish - after the registration - to use this base outside KU - please contact with the library)
Natureprestigious scientific journalKU, proxy server
Notoriafinancial statements for all companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
worksation 15 at Library Informatorium
Passport (Euromonitor)economical, marketing and demographical data from all of the world; if you wish to know more details - click HERE
KU, proxy server
Polish Law CollectionPolish legal acts translated into Englishworkstation No 1 at the Library "Informatorium" (a key opening this base is available at a librarian-on-duty)
ProQuestfull-text articles from journals, among others in economics, law, social scienceKU, proxy server
SAGEjournals in economics, law and other subjectsKU, proxy server
Science Onlineelectronic version of Science MagazineKU, proxy server
articles from scientific journals, mainly in economics, sociology, psychology and medicineKU, proxy server
Scopusabstracts and citations of peer-reviewed journals and other sort of literatureKU, proxy server
Springerjournals and books in various subjectsKU, proxy server
Taylor & Francismonographs published by Taylor & FrancisKU, proxy server
Thomson Reuters Eikonfinancial data from markets of all of the world; if you need training materials - click HEREworksation 35 at Library Informatorium
Web of Sciencemonographs published by Taylor & FrancisKU, proxy server
Wiley-Blackwell journals and monographs in various subjectsKU, proxy server
wynagrodzenia.plthe portal devoted pays and HR mattersKU (ask a librarian for login and password)

- if fonts of caption in column NAME are blue - this caption is link to the base;
- caption "KU" in column AVAILABILITY means the base is available inside Kozminski University campus;
- caption "proxy server" in column AVAILABILITY means the base is available to authorized person from their home computers.