Kozminski International Business School Office 

Instruction for elective courses enrollment  

Information regarding number of elective/s to be selected in a relevant semester has been sent by Dean’s Office to your e-mail box.


Two platforms are used in the elective courses selection process:

  • ikozminski – for review of the elective courses syllabi











  • Virtual university – for selecting the courses you would like to take










  1. Review of the elective courses syllabi

Enter Student Zone (1) => Subjects and Groups (2), elective courses will be marked in green (2)


Student Zone



Subjects and Groups

Please remember that you can check the elective courses syllabi on ikozminski platform, however you may select the elective courses only via Virtual University platform.

  1. Selection of the elective courses

2.1. After logging in to the Virtual University, select the tab  ‘Enrollment on Course/s’














2.2. From the list of items on the left (1), select course/s which you are interested in, by marking the checkbox (2) and moving it/them to the right pressing the arrows (‘>>>’) (3), than selected lecture/s will appear in the table on the right (4)


In the similar way you can withdraw your selection by marking the checkbox and clicking the arrows (‘<<<’).

2.3 After your choice is made, click ‘Proceed’

2.4 The final step is the confirmation of the selected elective courses by clicking button ‘Confirm’


Important notice

  1. The elective courses will launch provided that the required amount of students sign up in the first round of the selection.
  2. Students who have chosen the elective course/s which have not been launched or those students who have not made a selection at all are required to choose the elective course/s in the second round.