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Student ID card / Virtual University

What is a student ID card?

The student ID card gives you access to the Virtual University and the university Wi-Fi. In addition, students who have valid student ID cards are entitled to a 50% discount on travel (public transport and certain private companies) and entertainment expenses. You may use your student ID as a Warsaw City Card (1-month or 3-month travel card) but firstly you need to upload a ticket for public transport on it. For further information, please visit the ZTM point or check the website: www.ztm.waw.pl.

Where can I extend the validity of my student ID card?

In the Students’ Office (D/33). However, please remember that before prolonging the validity of your student ID card, it is obligatory to pay at least 2 tuition installments.

I have lost my student ID card / my student ID card has been broken. What should I do to receive a new one?

In order to receive a new student ID card, please submit a submission for issuing a new student ID card. Then please settle the payment at amount of 25.50 PLN to your individual student account number (the same as for transferring payment for the tuition fee etc.). The process of preparing a new student ID card takes 1-2 days.

What is a Virtual University?

The Virtual University is an on-line platform which allows you to check your schedule, grades, fees, announcements and find a lecturer etc. Enter the KU website: www.wu.kozminski.edu.pl and use your ID number (on your student ID card) as a login. The start password is the first 12 digits which you can find on the reverse of your ID card, under the bar code.

I would like to contact a lecturer. Where can I find their e-mail address or contact hours?

You may find this information on the Virtual University. All you need is to check the “Navigation” on the left choose the section “Lecturers’ Profiles” below. Then please enter a surname of the teacher you are looking for. The searcher provides you with not only the e-mail address, but also their schedule and duty hours (dyżury). and

Payment / Fee

Where can I find the account number to transfer my money?

Your individual student account number is available on the Virtual University and in your Agreement. Please log in and choose Navigation (on the left) / Your Financial Data / Finance Information.

If I have some money as “Unprocessed payments” in my Financial Data on the VU, do I have any troubles?

No, not at all. It means that you have paid more money so far. This extra money on your student account number will be transferred to a particular payment/fee in the future (e.g. to cover next installment).

Do I have any deadlines for settling payment for the tuition fee?

Yes. Please make all the payments according to the scheme of payments set in the Regulation on Fees:

  • For fall semester: first payment (the whole sum or one installment) must be paid by 15th September. Other four installments must be paid before 5th day of the given month.
  • For spring semester: first payment (the whole sum or one installment) must be paid by 5th February. Other four installments must be paid before 5th day of the given month.

Please also note that no matter if you pay installmentally or the whole amount, 100 PLN fine per semester will be registered in your account for late payment.

Unfortunately, I failed some exams. What is the fee for one subject to be repeated?

The fee amounts to 610 PLN per a subject to be repeated. Yet, if a subject is conducted in more than one form (form: lecture, workshop, discussion seminar, tutorial), the fee amounts to 980 PLN. For further information on fees other than semester tuition fees, please check § 6 of Regulation on Fees.

Are there any discounts in the tuition fee?

Yes. Please find the following type of discounts below:

Type of discountAmount of discountCommentDeadline for applications
1.Attending more than one university program at KU simultaneouslyDiscount for the second and any further program in the amount of 50% of semester tuition for such a program – until the last semester of the first program completion

- Discount does not apply if a student repeats a semester or a year of their first program or any following program.

- Higher education university programs conducted in English are always considered to be the first university programs, regardless of the commencement date

by 5th October for the whole given academic year
2.Completing at the same university program a second and further specialization at KU (§ 4, item 5 of Regulation on Fees)Semester tuition fee is 25% of a semester tuition fee specified for a selected university program and applies during all semesters, in which the first and the subsequent specializations are continued simultaneously, however no longer than for four semestersby 5th October for the whole given academic year
3.Family discountMarried couples, siblings, children and parents studying at KU at the same time are entitled to a 10% discount on semester tuition fee for the first university program for the person who begins studying at KU second

- The discount does not apply if a student repeats a semester or an entire year.

- If two persons start university at the same time, the discount applies to one person only


1) 5th October for fall semester

2) 5th March for spring semestere.

Note: If an application for a discount is submitted after the deadline, particular discount shall apply commencing in the month following the month the discount was approved

4.KU graduates of undergraduate programs, graduate programs, long-cycle master programs, postgraduate or PhD programs and who undertake a second university program, at postgraduate programs or PhD programs 10% discount on semester tuition fee for each semester at the universityThe discount does not apply if a student repeats a semester or entire yearby 5th October for the whole given academic year
5.KU graduates of undergraduate programs, graduate programs or long-cycle master programs who undertake graduate programs or longcycle master programs15% discount on semester tuition payment for each university semester

- The discount does not apply if a student repeats a semester or the entire year.

- A 15% discount applies for the students starting a university program as of 2013/2014, other students are entitled to a 10% discount

by 5th October for the whole given academic year
6.Olimpiads’ winners who study at KU for the first time in the first year Rector’s scholarship to cover their tuition feeScholarship may be awarded in the consecutive years on the condition that the student achieves an arithmetic average of the grades grade of at least 4.60 in the academic year


1) 5th October for fall semester.

2) 5th March for spring semester.

Note: If an application for a discount is submitted after the deadline, particular discount shall apply commencing in the month following the month the discount was approved

7.KU graduates with a distinction40% discount on their first semester tuition payment for graduate programs

The KU students who undertake the second university program at KU are entitled to an exemption from the admission fee (§ 4, item 8 of Regulation on Fees)

KU graduates of undergraduate programs, graduate programs or long-cycle master programs are entitled to an exemption from the admission fee for each form of the university program excluding PhD and postgraduate programs (§ 4, item 9 of Regulation on Fees)

University semester tuition fee discounts mentioned in § 4 section 1, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14 and in § 8 section 1 and 5 do not combine. One discount per student applies

For further information on tuition fee discounts, please check Regulation on Fee

Examination session / Classes / Sports

I was absent during the classes last week due to my health problems. What do I need to do now?

If you didn’t attend classes for short period of time, please contact the lecturer as soon as possible. You are obliged to submit an application for acceptance of this short-term absence to the lecturer, justifying the reasons for your absence (e.g. medical certificate).

The lecturer may specify the scope of material which you have to make up for and the form in which you may obtain credit for it.

I didn’t take the exam (e.g. due to my illness). I have a medical certificate. What is my next step?

You have only 7 days from the date of the exam to submit a justification application in a written form and attach e.g. medical certificate to the Students’ Office (D/33). Not taking part in the exam in a given course in the first and second (retake) attempt causes earning a failing grade in this course unless the absence may be justified.

I failed an exam. What should I do?

If you failed an exam in the 1st and 2nd (retake) attempt, it is necessary to submit an application to the Rector for repeating a course/s. Please note that this application has to be submitted to the Students’ Office no later than 30th September of a current academic year. During one academic year it is possible to repeat 3 subjects. As an exception, taking into account special circumstances 2 additional courses can be repeated.

Is there any deadline for passing the subject/s to be repeated?

Yes. The student has to pass the subject/s to be repeated no later than 20th February (for courses to be repeated from the fall semester) and/or no later than 10th September (for courses to be repeated from the spring semester) of the next academic year.

What if I fail the subject to be repeated?

When the subject to be repeated is failed, the student needs to apply for repeating a semester or an academic year. If not, the student is removed from the KU students’ list.

What about sports at the KU?

Sports classes are mandatory for all undergraduate first year students and take place in the second (spring) semester. In order to sign up for the sports classes or the sport club, please visit the website: www.sportclub.kozminski.edu.pl. If you have any questions, please contact Mr Marek Wołkowycki (e-mail: mareksport@alk.edu.pl) or Ms Anna Perzyńska (e-mail: ap@alk.edu.pl) or stop by the room D/25.

Please note if you cannot participate in sports classes due to health condition (doctor’s note is a must), you have to complete the class by taking part in bridge or chess meetings.

Exchange / Internship

I am eager to participate in an international exchange. Who should I contact?

Starting from the second semester of studies a student may apply for an international exchange. The International Relations Office is responsible for cooperation with partner universities (a list available on the website).

You may find the procedure on the website: www.kozminski.edu.pl/outgoing. Contact person:

Does the KU offer an international internship under the Erasmus + Placement Program?

Yes, it does. This internship is an extraordinary opportunity at a foreign company or organization, based in one European country, in order to gain international work experience.If you are a student, the internship lasts at least 2 months. If you are an alumni, the placement takes at least 3 months but you need to apply for it before your final defense. Please note the placement should be tightly connected with your field of studies. A student accepted for an international exchange can apply for a scholarship for the period of the placement in accordance with the rates given by the EU. For further information, please check the website: www.kozminski.edu.pl/internship or contact Ms Marzena Indra (e-mail: marzenai@kozminski.edu.pl, room D/105).

If I have some questions regarding an internship, where shall I find the answer?

Undergraduate students are obliged to do a compulsory internship which lasts at least 3 weeks. In order to find more information on the internship process for English track students, please check the website of the Career and Alumni Relations Office (www.kariera.kozminski.edu.pl/en/) or contact Ms Monika Bodys (e-mail: mbodys@kozminski.edu.pl, room A/16).

I am preparing my CV. Who can I ask for a piece of advice?

Please visit Career and Alumni Relations Office (room A/16). Ms Joanna Piechocka (e-mail: jpiechocka@kozminski.edu.pl) are engaged in i.a. professional counselling for students and alumni and will help you to create the best CV or cover letter ever.

Resignation / Academic Leave / Reinstatement

I am forced to resign from the studies (personal reasons, health problems etc.) What should I do next?

If you have decided to resign, you are asked to complete a resignation from the studies declaration and submit to the Students’ Office. If you cannot visit our office, you can post the declaration along with your student ID card. Please also make sure if you have given back all books to the library and you don’t have any dues.

If I still have some extra money on my student account and I need to resign from the studies, will I receive my money back?

Yes, you will. You only need to submit a submission for transferring the money which you have on your individual student account (unprocessed payments) to your private bank account. The IBAN and SWIFT CODE (BIC) are necessary to be added as well.

May I take one year leave (due to a long-term disease, important random events, studies abroad, maternity leave etc)?

Yes, you can. The Academic Leave can be granted only in justified cases. You need to submit an application to the Students’ Office in September of the previous academic year the latest. During the leave, you retain the same student rights. However, you may not take part in courses or take course credit assessments and examinations, excluding internships. You do not have to pay the tuition fee either. After returning from the leave, you are obliged to get credit for the courses constituting academic differences in the program of your studies if the program has been modified.

I have been removed from the list of students. What do I need to do if I want to become a KU student again?

You need to submit an application for reinstatement as a student [submission for reinstatement as a student] before the semester starts or at the very beginning of the semester. The reinstatement fee amounts to 200 PLN. Yet, if a student reinstates studies after a period exceeding 1 academic year, the fee is 500 PLN. Please note if the program of studies has been changed, you would need to pass additional program differences.


If I have some questions concerning legalization of stay or accommodation in Warsaw, who can I ask?

You may visit the Student Support and Service Center. It offers help and guidance to international students. Foreign students can receive support and information regarding the legalization of stay, accommodation, insurance, transportation and culture there. Please contact Ms Nataliya Volkhina (e-mail: studentsupport@kozminski.edu.pl, room D/126).

Where can I find information about scholarship and/or financial aid?

If you are looking for more detailed information on Social Scholarship, Scholarships for handicapped students or Scholarships for outstanding academic performance, please contact Ms Magdalena Skopiec (e-mail: skopiec@kozminski.edu.pl, room D/213). For further information: www.kozminski.edu.pl/en/students/scholarships/

Does the University offer any medical care?

All full-time students are entitled to free basic healthcare services at LUX-MED clinics. This includes the services of a general practitioner. The costs of visits to other specialists are not refunded by the University, but you can get 10% discount after presenting your Kozminski University student ID card (valid!). The closest LUX-MED to the University is situated on Szernera street 3 (two tram stops past the University) towards Żerań FSO.

I need a certificate which confirms that I am Kozminski University student. Where should I go?

We provides with any kind of certificates and statements that you are KU student in the Students’ Office, including a certificate for applying for a visa and/or residential permit card (Karta pobytu). Please let us know in advance (e-mail, call or stop by the office) and we will prepare it in Polish or in English shortly.

I have changed my e-mail address/mobile phone number/correspondence address. Do I need to inform anybody at the University?

If you change your local address or telephone number, please let staff in the Students’ Office know immediately so that we can contact you with important messages or other information as necessary. If you have your Polish mobile phone number, please report it to our office as well.

For instance, if some classes are cancelled unexpectedly, you will be informed via e-mail and text message.

I would like to receive an official transcript of my grades. Who can I ask for it?

An academic transcript of records is an official document which presents the marks or grades you have achieved during your studies. In order to receive it, please contact your study program coordinator. It takes approximately 1 week to prepare it. The fee amounts to 40 PLN but each consecutive copy is only 10 PLN.