IT Department (A/115):

Technical Service Department (A/18):

You can access the Internet at Kozminski University by connecting to wireless network (WiFi). But in order to be able to do this you will have to configure your connection properly.

The first step is to choose the appropriate WiFi network. Below you can find a list of wireless networks available in KU with short description of each one of them.

  • eduroam => It is a network for those, who work or study at Kozminski University.

eduroam (edu-cation roam-ing) is the roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community. By participating in the eduroam project our staff and students can benefit from free access to the Internet during a visit in many scientific and educational centers around the world without the need to change the configuration of your devices.

  • ALK-OPEN => It is a network for guests of Kozminski University. If you wish to connect to ALK-OPEN you have to fill a registration form, which requires your personal information, e-mail address and your phone number. Here you can find an instruction, which will guide you through whole configuration process step by step.

During the configuration of the network on campus, the IT department faced the difficult choice between the simplicity of the connection, and security of your data. After long analysis, we decided that your safety is our highest priority and therefore we decided to resign from the previously applied system (that is still used at many other universities). This system leaves a dangerous amount of access points open and is accessible for each person. Instead, the new WiFi at KU encrypts all connections using a secure WPA2-Enterprise. This ensures the security of your data, but also requires a preparation in order to connect to a WiFi network.

This procedure is quite complicated, but it has to be done only once. It is similar for all common operating systems, but due to small differences in this place you can find detailed instructions, which will help you to connect to WiFi, depending on what operating system you have. Instructions for most common Windows operating systems and Apple Computer are listed on the bottom of this page.

Below you can find short list of settings, which will allow you to connect to WiFi at Kozminski University:

  • Login (eduroam): id_number@kozminski.edu.pl
  • Login (ALK-STUDENCI): id_number
  • Password: Your password for services in Kozminski University
  • Type of encryption and authentication: WPA2-Enterprise AES + PEAP (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
  • Advanced connection properties: Disable server certificate verification, disable automatic login and use the Windows password
  • Properties of Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4): The IP address and DNS server address obtained automatically


  1. WINDOWS 7
  2. WINDOWS 8
  5. MAC OS