KU Mailbox 

IT Department (A/115):

Technical Service Department (A/18):

On May 15th 2012 previous mailbox offered to students and staff of Kozminski University has been replaced by Office 365. Since that day every student and employee of KU gets free, 50 GB big e-mail account with the domain @kozminski.edu.pl and 1 TB OneDrive disk. This account remains active even after graduation.



Your e-mail account can be accessed in several ways: Through Outlook Web App, which has a link located on the main page of Kozminski University


or by going to:


To log into your mailbox via the website, the fields in the form should be filled as follows:

  • USERNAME: id_number@kozminski.edu.pl
  • PASSWORD:The password used by you to log into any other system.



2. Using the Outlook software. This client is a part of free Office 365 package, which all students receive for the time of study. For more information about the free Office 365  package click here).

3. Using any other email client (eg. Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, the Mail app on Apple computers and devices, etc.) after a proper configuration.

  • CONFIGURATION (for methods other than Microsoft Exchange)

To configure access to the KU mailbox through email client you will need the following data: 


Server Address:
Port: 995
Encryption type: SSL



Server Address:
Port: 993
Encryption type: SSL



Server Address:
Port: 587
Encryption type: TLS




Default address of your mailbox account looks like this:


Using Panel of IT Department you can assign to your account personalized e-mail address with @kozminski.edu.pl domain, eg .:


Please note, that the email alias will only allow to address mails to you. It will not allow you to log in to your email account. Furthermore, every mail sent from your account will be sent with your default e-mail address.

We suggest you to perform your first login via Outlook Web App. This will allow you to verify if the account was properly configured. If you will see any error message or you will have problems while logging in, please use the FAQ or contact Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation Department.