iKozminski Mobile Application 

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iKozminski is an application prepared especially for Kozminski University community - its candidates, students, alumni and employees.

This app is a source of many useful information.
You can find here news, informations about events, job offers and much more. But its
the most important feature is an ability to manage your student account by accessing information that are most important for students: time schedule, grades, course materials etc. iKozminski is also a useful tool for teachers, administration staff and KU guests thanks to maps, which provide some help in finding rooms at the University.

Application can be customized.
It means that its main screen can be personalized to suit your needs. Most of the features in iKozminski can be added to your home screen, where they will appear as widgets. Thanks to that some of the features will offer additional functionalities. For example Time schedule will show timetable for the current day and Library widget will show the number of borrowed library books.

Moreover, iKozminski will send you notifications, that will inform about the new announcements in Virtual University, new grades and Dean's decisions.


You can find the list of all features below:


Stay up to date with all the important events in the life of Kozminski University. All infomrations concern our scientific staff, development of the University, sports achievements of our students and many others.


Here you will find the most important information regarding admission process at Kozminski University that will allow you to begin your education at our University.


Informations about all fields of study, courses and trainings available at Kozminski University - everything placed in this section.

Virtual University

It gives you an access to individual information about your course of studies after loging in. To log in you should use the same credentials, which you use to log in to the Virtual University by the web browser.

  • Your studies – all kinds of information about your course of study.

    • Personal data – your basic identity information, contact and account number, which you should use for all studies payments.
    • Status report – basic informations related to your course of study: field of study, year, semester, grade average and more.
    • Progress report – detailed information about your course of studies divided into separate semesters.
    • Grades – list of your grades gained during the education at KU.
    • Lecturers – tool, that allows finding basic information about lecturers from KU. Using the name of your lecturer you can find his/her contact details - e-mail address, lectures timetable and duty hours.
    • Enrolment Card – information about your courses for each semster.
    • Timetable – your courses schedule. You can change the view from weekly to monthly. You can also upload the information into your phone’s calendar. Please notice, that the app will not be able to make any changes except putting new information in your calendar. It will not overwrite, update nor delete any information. You can of course delete and modify information in your calendar by yourself.
    • Course Materials – all course materials posted by lecturers. You can download them directly to your phone or tablet.
    • Diplomas – basic information about your thesis.
    • Decision – all decisions issued by the Dean's Office.
    • Registration – infromation about possible registration for courses, specializations or thesis promotors. Remember, you cannot enroll through the app. This is only for the informational purposes. You can enroll only through the VU on your computer.

  • Your financial data – here you can find information about your KU personal account number that should be used for any studies payments at the Kozminski University: bank name, account number and unprocessed payments (overpayment).
  • Announcements – important announcements from VU.
  • Library – here you can check what books you have borrowed and how many days you have left for bringing them back.
  • Academic calendar – information about the organization of the academic year. Here you can check when the holidays and semester breaks start, as well as the dates of the start and end of examing session.
About Kozminski

In this section you can find information about Kozminski University: awarded accreditations, affiliations and awards, as well as positions in the rankings of universities.


Here you can find the searching tool, which allows you to find contact details of your lecturers using their name.


A useful list of contact information to Dean's Office and people, whose assistance may be needed during your studies at Kozminski University.


You will never have any trouble finding classroom or any other room at KU with the help of specially prepared map. All you have to do is enter the room you are next to and a room you are looking for. Our map will guide you to your destination.


This section is dedicated to our alumni. Here we post all kind of news, special offers and discounts for graduates of Kozminski University. You are going to need Kozminski University Alumni Card to use those discounts. More information about it can be found here.


Sport news and SportClub timetable.


This tab allows you to like Kozminski University profile on Facebook and check in at our University.


Disable notifications, log out and change the color of the side menu.


An easy way to access your KU mailbox.


List of all upcoming events happening at KU.


List of received notifications.

Job Offers

List of all job offers from our Student and Alumni Careers Office – you can check offers here and if you want to apply go to kariera.kozminski.edu.pl


Direct access to the Kozminski's Students blog: www.studentsinwarsaw.com

Fruequently Asked Questions:

  1. I can not log into application. What should I do?

    • Check if your login details (both login and password) are correct. Try to log into VU on your PC or Mac.
    • If everything is correct and you can log into VU on your PC or Mac, please contact Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation Department (room A115).

  2. I think that some of the information are updated later in the app then in VU accessed by a web browser. Is something wrong?

    • Some information may show with a little delay. It is connected with the architecture of our information systems. Every entered information has to be cached before it is sent to mobile applications. It gives us some time to notice and correct wrong information before it is sent. Longest delay that can occur may be 30 minutes long.

  3. I have a tablet with Windows 8. Can I use iKozminski app?

    • Unfortunately we do not have iKozminski app for Windows 8. The app is avaliable only for mobile systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  4. I found a bug - what should I do?

    • App development is a very complicated process and we might have overlooked something. If you find one of those little bugs please let us know and we will make sure that it will be fixed. All problems can be reported to Customer Service Office at help@kozminski.edu.pl