IT Department (A/115):

Technical Service Department (A/18):

I am a new student, how do I log in?

All credentials, that will allow you to get access to KU IT infrastructure are located on your student ID card or can be found in a documents received with your ID card. Your credentials look as follows:

Login: id_number
Login for KU mailbox: id_number@kozminski.edu.pl
Password: customer number located on a back of student ID (the first twelve digits of the code located there)

How can I access my Virtual University account?

To access your Virtual University account you have to visit website vu.kozminski.edu.pl. In the first field you should enter your student ID number and in the second you should type your password.

I received my ID card from Dean's Office along with information about my first password, but when I try to log in errors occur. What is the cause?

Probably your account has not been imported yet. In that case please contact Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation department. All contact details can be found here.

What kind of systems can I access with my student credentials?

Students of Kozminski University have access to:

I can not access my Virtual University account.

Problems with access to Virtual University account may be caused by few reasons. For example message "Wrong username or password" may occur as a result of typing wrong credentials. Please make sure that when you log in, you give the correct username and password. In addition, please note that in the "Identification number" field you should enter only your ID number, eg.:

  • Bachelor and Master programs: 12345
  • Doctorate Ph. D.: 123-phdm

If you are trying to log on for the first time using the password from your ID card, please remember to type a customer number from the back of a card without the last digit. There is 13 digits printed on the card and your first password consists of 12 digits from this number. The last one is a checksum, which allows to confirm, that your client number is correct.

In case you forget your password, on a website haslo.kozminski.edu.pl you can find form No. 2 , which will allow you to reset your passwordd. For this purpose you will need mentioned before customer number, which is located on the back of ID card.

There is also a possibility that in the process of changing the password you will see error message, that there is no such account in the system. This problem occurs when automatic creation of user accounts fails. In this situation, you should contact Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation department. Our employee will have to create the account manually.

Another problem that can happen to you when you try to log into the Virtual University is lock put on an account by an employee of Dean's Office. It can happen for example when you do not pay for your studies or repeated courses. In such situation your account can be unlocked only by an employee of Dean's Office.

IT department panel - what is that?

IT department panel is a place, where you can create personalized alias for your mailbox or download:

  • keys allowing extending activation period of the currently installed Statistica software,
  • activation keys for Statistica software,
  • activation keys for IBM SPSS Statistics software and the program itself.
I would like to use databases shared on a website of KU Library. How can I do this?

You can use databases:

  • On campus

All you have to do is to connect to WiFi network at KU on your device or use a computer in any computer lab.

  • Off campus

You will need to configure connection with proxy server. Instruction, which will guide you through the whole process step by step can be found below:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS
I have configured my connection with proxy server, but still I can use research databases. What can be wrong?

After configuring connection with proxy server you still have to log in with the same credentials that you use to log in to Virtual University.

We would like also to remind you, that you lose possibility to browse the Internet normally when you set up a proxy connection. Only KU main website, KU Library website, research databases, Virtual University, iKozminski and Google browser will remain available. If you will try to go to any other website you will see this message:

This does not mean, that your access to chosen database is restricted or your configuration is incorrect. It only says, that website you tried to get to is blocked by our proxy server. So please check if you can connect without any problems with KU main website after seting up a conncetion.

Where can I use a PC on campus?

Students can freely use computers in room A138 (building A) and in KU Library (building D). Room A138 is available during office hours of Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation department.

ATTENTION! Room A138 is can be also used as a lecture room. In this case this room will be available exclusively for students having classes in there.

How can I use a PC in a computer lab?

You need to login to computer using the same credentials, that you use for any other IT system at Kozminski University.

Can I use my laptop at computer lab?

Yes. But you must not unplug Ethernet cables and power cords from workstations and monitors. If you want to connect to the Internet, use WiFi network, which is available on whole campus.

I tried to log on, but I keep getting a message telling me that the user name or password is incorrect.

If you will see a message telling you, that your user name or password is incorrect, please check following things:

  1. Is your ID number entered correctly in username field?
  2. Does the password you entered is the same, that you use for KU mailbox and Virtual University?
  3. Does the message located under username and password fields say "Log on to" ALK"?
  4. Is your student account active?

ATTENTION! If during the log on process you repeatedly entered incorrect password, your account can be blocked. In such situtation please contact Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation Department (A115).

How can I change my account password?

On a page haslo.kozminski.edu.pl you can find two forms, that allow you to change your password for all IT systems at Kozminski University. First form requires entering old password. Second one allows to reset password when the previous one was lost. To use this form you will need to enter your customer number, which can be found on a back of your student ID.

Password used to login to KU's IT systems should meet following requirements:

  • at least 8 characters
  • at least one large and one small letter
  • at least one digit
  • at least one special character (for example, ".", "@", "#")
What happens to my account after finishing or leaving studies?

After finishing or leaving studies you can still access your KU mailbox. Any other system will be unavailable to you.

How can I browse my KU mailbox? Can I use any email client to do it?

You can access your KU mailbox by going to mail.kozminski.edu.pl. You can also use an email client to do it. Depending on protocol you will choose, you will also need to configure it by entering following configuration:



Server address: outlook.office365.com
Port: 995
Encryption type: SSL


Server address: outlook.office365.com
Port: 993
Encryption type: SSL


Server address: smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Encryption type: TLS

How big is my KU mailbox?

Since May 15th 2012 every student of Kozminski University has an access to mailbox, which is 50 GB big.

Is my mailbox account protected from spam and viruses?

Yes. Servers, which keep all mailboxes are protected by Mircosoft Forefront software, which provides protection against unwanted spam and viruses.

Is there any way to change my default KU email addres?

Yes. You can do it by using IT department panel. To do this follow these steps:

  • Login to IT department panel here
  • Choose My account from upper menu and then select Email Aliases
  • In Add an alias section  type in a field an alias, which will meet all requirements and click Send.

ATTENTION! New alias for your account must be approved by an employee of the Customer Service and Innovative Solutions Implementation department. You can track a status of your requests in IT department panel. If your request will not be serviced for too long, please contact directly with CSISI department.

You also have to know, that your alias will only let others send mails to you. You will still have to login using your default credentials (id_number@kozminski.edu.pl) as user name. All messages sent by you will also be sent from your default address.


I heard, that all students of Kozminski University can get Microsoft Office for free. How can I get it?

Installation guide for Office 365 can be found here

ATTENTION! Before installing Office 365, please make sure that the device on which you are installing the software meets minimal requirements.

Where can I get serial keys for IBM SPSS and Statistica?

Serial keys for IBM SPSS and Statistica can be downloaded from IT department panel. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to IT department panel using your student credentials.
  • Choose Application Keys from upper menu and then select option Keys.
  • Choose from the list software you want serial keys for and then click on Details and activation keys.
  • Click on Download next license key.

Serial keys are updated when new keys are provided by software producer.