Strategy & Innovation Management - Major on the Master in Management Program

Strategy & Innovation Management
About the Major

The Strategy and Innovation Management major on the Master in Management Program was designed to provide students with the latest knowledge of key trends shaping modern business development and cutting-edge practical skills regarding company strategy and the design and implementation of innovations in the organizations. Students will develop practical skills allowing them to analyze changes and opportunities in a dynamic business environment and come up with ideas for new products, services and processes. Students will learn about potential company strategy in rapidly changing business environment, new products and services development models, as well as discover examples of their implementation through practical projects. The course aims to prepare future managers who understand the role of sustainable development, who are able to craft and implement company development strategy and build the culture of change, innovation and social responsibility in their companies. This course is supported by business partners, leading companies in their sector and firms helping to deploy and scale new ventures – startups.

The Master in Management Program is designed to meet global market demand for qualified graduates with a wide range of business skills, a knowledge of analytical tools, and the ability to apply them in a market context.

Graduates receive a Master in Management diploma. Additionally they get a diploma's supplement stating which major the student finished. Students are encouraged to participate in international exchange programs offered by the university so as to master the skills that are necessary to work in a multicultural environment.

Tha major's leader
Łukasz Kowalik, Ph.D.

Expert in marketing communication, innovation and change management. Consultant supporting West Pomerania Employer Association, Venture Partner at Simpact.VC supporting go-to-market strategies and programs of portfolio companies. Earlier for over 18 years a manager at Intel Corporation responsible for PR, marketing communication and sales partner programs in CEE and EMEA region. He holds Ph.D. degree in the Economics and works as Assistant Professor at Kozminski University.

Partners of the major
Unique Values
  • Prestigous university: In 2019 Kozminski University ranked 42nf in the Global Masters in Management Ranking published by "Financial Times"
  • Latest theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to company strategy and innovation development and implementation.
  • A special emphasis on case studies, student projects and tasks from business partners
  • Opportunity to develop students’ own ideas with a support of the University and its business partners
  • Strategic, holistic approach to innovation management, starting from the idea generation, through financing, to implementation and scaling.
  • Learning about new trends related to innovation management and how to build organizational culture of innovation

During your studies you will gain knowledge, skills and social competences among others in:

  • An interesting and engaging course linking latest theory with a practical
  • Diploma in Strategy and Innovation Management at Kozminski University, a leading business school in Central-Eastern Europe
  • Ability to develop and scale your own business ideas
  • Ability to build and reinforce personal network of business contacts
  • Knowledge of leading strategic concepts and current research findings
  • Skills and tools needed for successful formulation, evaluation, and implementation of new competitive strategies
  • Ability to handle complex business challenges within a budget and time limits
  • Communication and negotiation skills (public presentations, teamwork, multi-party and multi-cultural negotiations, outside-the-box thinking)
  • Knowledge regarding managing people in national and international contexts
  • Effective communication with clients and an understanding of the basics of international commercial contracts

After graduating from the major in Digital Marketing in English, you can work as a:

  • New Business Development Manager
  • Corporate Strategy Planning Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • New Project/Product/Service Lead
  • In-house Startup Lead
  • Founder & CEO of own venture / startup
  • New job opportunities which do not exist today but will be created in the future
Selected courses
  • Strategic Management for Growth: Value Innovation and Capture
  • Design Thinking in Innovation Processes & Innovative Research Techniques
  • Strategy & Innovation Lab: Company-based Project
  • Designing Innovative Organizations
  • Strategic Negotiations: Multiparty & Multicultural Challenge
  • Strategy of Innovation – Case Studies
  • New Product Development Process
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Model Innovation: Traditional vs. Open Innovation Change Management & Digitalization
  • Marketing Strategies for Disruptive Environments
  • Designing Innovative Organizations
Class Schedule
  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Part time programs

Part time program classes take place on Friday (in the afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (in the morning and in the afternoon).