Strategy & Innovation Management Major


Strategy & Innovation Management - Major on the Master in Management Program

About the Major

Strategy and Innovation Management major was designed to provide students with skills necessary to execute and lead solid business strategies introducing  innovations in all types of organizations. Students will develop practical skills allowing them to analyze changes and opportunities in a dynamic business environment  and come up with ideas for new products, services and processes. Students will learn about potential company strategy in rapidly changing business environment,  new products and services development models, as well as discover examples of their implementation through practical projects. The course aims to prepare future managers who understand the role of sustainable development, who are able to craft and implement company development strategy and  build the culture of change, innovation and social responsibility in their companies. This course is supported by business partners, leading companies in their sector and firms helping to deploy and scale new ventures – startups.

Please be advised that the major will launch only if a minimum amount of 17 students sign up for the major.

A Word From the Major's Leader

Łukasz Kowalik
Dr. Łukasz Kowalik

We have designed the Strategy and Innovation Management major to prepare future managers and leaders to be able to identify and pursue opportunities in an evolving business environment. We believe that the latest knowledge, supported by the ability to recognize and leverage key trends and technologies, will help them shape the new normal and build strong business positions of their companies.

Partners of the Major

Program Highlights

Business Acumen

Strong focus on ability to identify business opportunities and turn them into strategy and action. Practical, holistic approach to innovation management, starting from the idea generation, through financing, to implementation and scaling. Learning about new trends  related to innovation management and how to build organizational culture of innovation

Experienced Lecturers and Business Experts

Major’s courses led by experienced lecturers with strong international background, supported by experienced mangers and leaders, technology evangelists and investors.

Experiential Learning and Networking

A special emphasis on case studies, student projects and real business cases from business partners and fellow travelers.  Opportunity to learn best practices from experienced managers and experts and reinforce student’s personal brand and business network.

Career Opportunities

Strategy and Innovation Management course is designed for students who want to build their future company’s strategic position based on innovative products, services, processes and the way the company is managed. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of innovation strategies in existing companies, as well as in new ventures, including startups. Future graduates will be able to take strategic positions related to new products, services, experience development or focus on their own ventures. The course also addresses aspects related to sustainability and social responsibility of innovative businesses. Positions examples:

  • New Business Development Manager / Company Strategy Development
  • New Project/Product/Service Lead
  • Change Consultant Manager
  •  Founder & CEO of own venture (startup) /  In-house Startup Lead
  • New jobs & positions which do not exist today and will be created in the future



Graduates receive a Master in Management diploma. Additionally they get a diploma's supplement stating which major the student finished. Students are encouraged to participate in international exchange programs offered by the university so as to master the skills that are necessary to work in a multicultural environment.

Selected Lecturers on the Major

Błażej Soniewicki
Błażej Soniewicki

A true Innovation doesn’t stop on great ideas, it is the whole process and system that allows these ideas to be brought to life and work for the organization and it’s stakeholders in a viable and sustainable way. I am a practitioner who spent over 20 year building brands like Mars, Google, Netflix, sharing this experience and knowledge with the students of ALK

Błażej Soniewicki is the award-winning, executive manager with international experience in the advertising industry. Over the 20 years of his advertising career he worked for multiple international and local clients such as: Mars, Total, Google, Obi, Netflix, Petronas, Coty, Mattel and many more. Projects he led and participated in, were awarded in major industry festivals. Currently the managing partner of highly Innovative, AI driven native content platform EContenta.

Prof. Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinaric
Prof. Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinarič

With the accelerating pace of competition, innovation and blurring industry borders, the successful companies are those that are able to develop innovative strategies and maintain strategic flexibility in turbulent environment. The course Strategy & Innovation Lab: Company-based Project provides insights into practical business challenges, giving participants an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and work on strategy and innovation related issues for a real-life company. In recent years we did projects for Nowy Styl, Webankieta, Gala, Granna.

Prof. Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinarič, PhD, is associate professor of strategic management and international business strategy, Dean of College of Management, Director of Research Center For Innovative Growth Strategies, lecturer at doctoral, EMBA, postgraduate and graduate studies. She specializes in the theory and practice of strategy and the internationalization of enterprises. She is active consultant in the area of strategic advisory including the enterprise growth strategies and the implementation of performance management systems.  In 2017, she received a medal of the National Education Commission, awarded by the Minister of National Education for special merits in education and upbringing. Mariola is a member of several scientific organizations, including Academy of International Business, Strategic Management Society and the European International Business Academy. Experienced manager in large research projects financed by the National Science Center.


Prof. NU Franjo Mlinarič, Ph.D.

At the end of the day we all need to speak Finance to understand the impact of strategic decisions on sustainable value creation. The M&A course is an opportunity to gain real-life experience in value based management and to grasp the key challenges of high-growth companies.

Franjo is an experienced faculty and consultant with international practice in the private and public sector, co-founder of a BI start-up and a private Institute iRDM, associate editor of Lex Localis and since 2019 the head of a top FT ranked Master program in finance and accounting. Additionally, he is heading two prestigious post-graduate programs “Sustainable finance and ESG” and “Professional supervisory boards” at Kozminski University.

He loves to combine scientific rigor with consulting experience in international environment, and is passionate about promoting and implementing sustainable business ideas. He gathered most of his experience in the SW Balkan area being a leading economic advisor for various key national projects (motorways, telecommunications, airport infrastructure, incineration installations and automotive industry) and author of major economic impact studies.

He is a seasoned court expert in matters related to valuation, restructuring, business damages and structured financial products. He also holds two state certificates: chartered financier and certified supervisory board member. His research is focuses on sustainable value creation and ESG transition model as well as on economic impact of public investment. He co-authored many books and articles, which earned him an associate professorship at NU in Slovenia and assistant professor position at KU.

Dr. Łukasz Kowalik

We are living in a time of unprecedented technological and social changes, new chances, and new responsibilities in front of the business. These changes need managers who will ask new questions, craft innovative strategies, create new products and services, inspire employees, and evolve companies. It starts with curiosity, business acumen, network, and courage to challenge the status quo. This is what I would like students to learn during the Strategy of Innovation course.


Łukasz Kowalik – expert in innovation, change management and go-to-market strategy. Venture Partner at Simpact.VC supporting go-to-market strategies and programs of portfolio companies. Lead mentor at Earlier for over 18 years manager at Intel Corporation responsible for marketing communication and sales partner programs in CEE and EMEA region.

Assistant Professor and Lead of Strategy and Innovation Major at Kozminski University.

Piotr Wójcik
Prof. Piotr Wójcik

The capacity to think strategically is a fundamental quality of the global manager in the 21st century. In courses I teach (Strategic Management for Growth, Business Model Innovation) I seek to instill in students critical thinking about the firm and its environment, how to structure the business problem, how to ask non-obvious questions in the process and find out-of-the box solutions. These are universal skills that will be of value in any business context.

Piotr is an Assistant Professor of Strategic and International Management and Vice-Dean for Master in Management program at Kozminski University. Received Scholarship for Young Researchers, awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Co-founder and CEO of a company delivering IT solutions for sustainability. After working in the public and private sector he joined Kozminski University. The research projects he leads, or is a team member of, include strategy- and international business-related topics. He published articles among others in Journal of Business Research, Baltic Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Change Management. 

Selected Courses on the Major

  • Design Thinking in Innovation Processes & Innovative research techniques
  • New Product Development Process and innovative project management
  • Change management & digitalization
  • Designing Innovative Organizations
  • Strategy & Innovation Lab: company-based project
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Class Schedule

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Part time programs

Part time program classes take place on Friday (in the afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (in the morning and in the afternoon).

  • Part-time online programs

Part time program classes take place on Thursday and Friday (in the afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (in the morning and in the afternoon).