Studenckie koła naukowe

Scientific Clubs

Students of our University belong to and actively participate in the activities of scientific clubs, which are supervised by the scientific and didactic staff of the University. The purpose of the scientific clubs' activities is to enable students to deepen their knowledge according to their interests and to broaden their practical skills acquired during classes. Currently there are 13 scientific clubs active at the university.



Scientific Club for Marketing KREATYWNI

Scientific Club for Marketing KREATYWNI operating at Kozminski University deals with marketing in its broadest sense, starting from branding, market innovations, through strategies to Internet marketing.

Are you CREATIVE too? Do you have a positive energy and a head full of cool ideas?

Join us!

The supervisor of the club: dr Karolina Małagocka from the Marketing Department at KU

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Scientific Club KAPITALNI

The Scientific Club KAPITALNI enables its members to develop and deepen their knowledge of the functioning of financial markets, helps to raise investment awareness and enables the exchange of investment experience.

The supervisor of the club: Prof. Adam Noga from the Department of Economics at KU

Scientific Club for TAX Law

The aim of the Scientific Club for TAX Law is to bring together students interested in the subject of taxes in the field of national, European and international law, as well as to indicate the presence of taxes and their fundamental importance in everyday life.

Tax law is a dynamic and intensively developing field of law, which is reflected in the interest of specialists in this discipline on the legal market. Cyclical meetings of the Circle take into account the broad interests of its members. Students have the opportunity to present their tax interests through presentations and discussions.

The Tax Law Circle brings together students of both law and economics interested in tax issues.

The supervisors of the club: Prof. Artur Mudrecki, Dr. Rafał Pasternak, Dr. Wojciech Dmoch

koło prawa podatkowego
FORUM Kozminski Law Students Association

The FORUM KLSA Scientific Club, operating by the Law Interdisciplinary Research Center, gathers law students from Kozminski University, who would like to gain knowledge and practical skills from the field of law that will enable them to further pursue their law career. FORUM KLSA helps through its activities to: establish the network between students and representatives of legal professions. We believe that the events we organize, such as visits to institutions related to legal activities or court hearings, as well as conducting research, will help law students with expanding their horizons.

The supervisors of the club: Prof. Małgorzata Skórzewska-Amberg, Dr. Ben Sassi.


Scientific Club for Financial Accounting AUDYTOR

Are you interested in financial accounting and auditing? Are you planning to tie your professional career to this area?

If so, then Scientific Club for Financial Accounting AUDYTOR is for you! We are primarily focused on broadening knowledge in the field of Polish and international accounting, taxes, auditing, as well as organizing debates aimed at exchanging opinions and opinions on the challenges posed by accounting and possible directions of financial reporting evolution.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Wojciech Strzelczyk from the Accounting Department at KU

Koło Audytor
Scientific Club for Intellectual Property Law ACTIO EFFICIENS

Scientific Club for Inellectual Property Law ACTIO EFFICIENS's goal is to broaden students' awareness of the ubiquitous field of intellectual property law by pointing out its presence and importance in everyday life.

Intellectual property law, which includes copyright and related rights as well as industrial property law, is an extensive and dynamically developing discipline of law, therefore the knowledge of the regulations governing the above is highly valued on the legal market. The Guardian of the Circle, together with the Board of Directors, strives to make the meetings develop for all participants - through discussions and short presentations, members simultaneously deepen their knowledge of intellectual property law as well as develop their oratory skills. ACTIO EFFICIENS is open to students interested in this topic, regardless of their level of knowledge, field and year of study and age.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Joanna Buchalska from the Department of Civil Law at KU

Scientific Club EX ANTE

EX ANTE (Latin: in advance) brings together people who already want to enter into the reality of legal problems they may experience in the future. We focus on practical knowledge, where paragraphs are the basis of the solution and not the essence of the problem. This allows us to learn in advance the best ways of dealing with legal conflicts.

Through our meetings we try to show the law as an interesting and transparent aspect of life and show young people that it is not limited to remembering successive articles, norms and decrees. We try to present the ways of interpreting the law in everyday situations and learn to see the numerous legal constructions among the organizations around us.

The supervisor of the club: Rafał Staszek vel Staszewski

Logo Ex Ante
Scientific Club Lex Medicinae

We are the Medical and Pharmaceutical Law Scientific Club LEX MEDICA, whose scope of activity includes scientific and research work concerning primarily medical law and related matters, with the aim of popularizing knowledge on this subject by organizing regular meetings, workshops, conferences, scientific sessions and trainings, as well as publication of research results and projects of the Club members.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Dariusz Hajdukiewicz


lex medica
Scientific Club for Economics, Politics, Society TIGER

The Scientific Club for Economics, Politics, Society TIGER is affiliated to the TIGER Scientific and Research Centre.

Our club is interdisciplinary; we focus on the problems of the modern world in the era of globalization and try to answer the questions of what, how and why and how to solve the problems of the present time. We place particular emphasis on economics, entrepreneurship, social relations and geopolitics. It is a circle created by and for students. We are not afraid to take up controversial topics, ask difficult questions, and put forward bold theses.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Grzegorz Malinowski

Women in Organisations

Women in Organizations has been founded to support young women entering the job market. We believe that every young woman has the potential to achieve success. Through workshops, trainings, lectures and meetings with women from various industries, we want to support them on their way to success, strengthening their self-confidence and faith in their own abilities. We strive to create a space for the exchange of thoughts, suggestions and ideas, thanks to which students will be able to develop the skills necessary for future leaders.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Anna Górska

Logo Women in organisations
Kozminski Business Club

Kozminski Business Club is a student society at Kozminski University that connects top-tier Polish business people with students, enhancing their business and career awareness. KBC seeks to empower highly motivated students by providing them with valuable skills that will prepare them to excel as business leaders.

The activity of Kozminski Business Club is based on two pillars.

The first is to convene entrepreneurs among Kozminski University students as well as people interested in business and finance. KBC creates a platform where members from diverse backgrounds may exchange experience, inspire themselves mutually, develop business skills and network.

The second is to organize events, which promote entrepreneurship and inspire further development. We also organize events that will help you decide, which career you wish to pursue in the world of business and finance.

Logo Kozminski Business Club
Investment Club

Investment Club aims to focus on meetings with stock market investors and research in the field of investment strategies. The goals of the Investment Club are to develop and deepen knowledge of the functioning of financial markets and investment strategies. The club is open for students of all faculties of Kozminski University, who would like to gain practical knowledge in the field of investments.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Błażej Podgórski

Logo Investment Club
Scientific Club for Criminal Law "Crimen et Poena"

"Crimen et Poena" deals with the issues of criminal law and procedure, criminology and penitentiary studies. The club organizes meetings, trips, lectures and trainings related to the area of ​​our activity.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Michał Hudzik

Contact person: Monika Bublewicz - mail:

Logo Crimen et Poena
Scientific Club for Law "Lege Artis"

"Lege Artis" consists of three sections: the Law and Language section, the Civil Law section and the EU Law section.

In the area of ​​the Law and Language Section, we organize workshops on the translation of legal and legal texts from English into Polish, as well as workshops with the participation of guests (e.g. lawyer linguists from EU institutions). This is Legal English in practice.

The Civil Law Section conducts practical classes on, among others: contracts, redress, family law.

As part of the EU Law Section, we deal with the institutional issues of EU law, the rule of law, the prohibition of discrimination against individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation (appearance, skin color, language), and freedom of movement. Moreover, we pay attention to the relationship between EU law and national law.

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Anna Pudło-Jaremek

Logo lege artis
Data Science in Finance

The goal of Scientific Club Data Science in Finance is to raise awareness and develop Data Science skills of KU Students.  

Dynamic changes, both in the global economy and at the level of local economies, as well as the necessity to constantly redefine business processes based on the growing amount of data, is one of the biggest civilization challenges of the XXI century.

Knowledge of technology and skills to acquire, verify, analyze and interpret data have become the foundation for making business decisions. Access to knowledge of experts and practitioners who create the financial and technological sector on a daily basis, as well as the exchange of knowledge within our own group, allows us to focus on issues and competencies that are particularly important and appreciated in the labor market.

Join the Data Science in Finance scientific club – no experience needed!

The supervisor of the club: Prof. ALK dr hab. Aneta Hryckiewicz-Gontarczyk 

Logo Data Science in Finance
Scientific Club for Social and Economic Psychology PSYCHONOMIA

Our scientific club brings together students interested in understanding how various psychological regularities and mechanisms explain our economic behavior. We study how information processing styles, emotional and motivational processes influence consumption and workplace decisions. We strive to broaden our knowledge through discussions on selected topics, meetings with interesting people and conducting research to expand our methodological competence. Knowledge in the area of social and economic psychology allows us to better understand the phenomena we are a part of in our everyday functioning. If you want to discover it together with us and raise topics that interest you, join us!

The supervisor of the club: Dr. Anna Macko

Logo Psychonomia
Scientific Club for Constitutional Law

Scientific Club for Constitutional Law was established in April 2021. The scope of its activities includes constitutional law and other branches of law insofar as they are related to constitutional law. It will conduct its activities by organizing meetings, debates, competitions and visits to institutions of constitutional bodies.


Koło Naukowe Prawa Konstytucyjnego
Koło Prawa Prywatnego Inter Partes

Głównym obszarem zainteresowań koła jest prawo prywatne. W ramach działalności podejmowane są nie tylko typowe zagadnienia prawa cywilnego, ale także tematyka prawa nowych technologii, internetu, czy sztucznej inteligencji.

Inter Partes
Koło Logistyki i Transportu SUPPLY CHAIN

Logistyka i zarządzanie łańcuchem dostaw należą do kluczowych czynników budowania przewagi konkurencyjnej przedsiębiorstw oraz poprawy ich rentowności i wartości. Misją koła jest edukacja i rozwijanie kompetencji przyszłych menedżerów logistyki i zarządzania łańcuchem dostaw na globalnym rynku pracy.

Koło Aktywności Studenckiej - Media i technologie

Działalność koła obejmuje tworzenie mediów studenckich (podcasty, wideocasty, transmisje strumieniowe, social media, portale i vortale tematyczne), udział w badaniach i projektach naukowych, a także współpracę z mediami oraz podmiotami działającymi na rynku mediów i technologii.

Koło Przedsiębiorczości SUKCES

Głównym obszarem działalności koła jest prowadzenie debat oksfordzkich. Członkowie koła organizują spotkania mające na celu poszerzenie wiedzy i umiejętności z zakresu organizacji debat oksfordzkich, a także retoryki, erystyki oraz oratorstwa. Koło stwarza także przestrzeń do rozwoju naukowego poprzez prowadzenie badań z obszaru przedsiębiorczości.

Student Legal Clinic

Launched in January 2005, the Legal  Clinic at the Kozminski University College of Law is part of the legal clinics program developed by several Polish universities. Kozminski University was first private school participating in the project.  At the legal clinic, students under the supervision of faculty and practitioners provide free legal advice for poor members of the community. One of the main goals of the program is to provide hands-on experience to law students. This presents a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Only exceptional students are admitted to the program (gifted students in their  4th or 5th year of Law).  The providing legal aid to poor members of  the community (unemployed, homeless, retired, handicapped, crime victims and the women with difficult situation, foreigners, and refugees) is an important social mission that sheds light on the value of public service. It introduces students to social problems and enhances an awareness of poverty and human rights. It also fulfils the basic need of providing a society with free access to justice.

The supervisor: Dr. Mateusz Woiński

poradnia prawna
Samorząd Studencki

Głos całej społeczności studenckiej. Samorząd uczestniczy w podejmowaniu ważnych decyzji, biorąc udział w posiedzeniach Senatu Akademii, opiniując programy nauczania, a także reprezentuje wszystkich studentów w regionalnych, ogólnopolskich i międzynarodowych organizacjach studenckich. Jest organizatorem wydarzeń o charakterze naukowym, kulturalnym, sportowym oraz charytatywnym. Organizują tradycyjne imprezy studenckie tj. otrzęsiny, Koźminalia czy wyjazdy integracyjne. W skład Samorządu wchodzą sekcje: marketingu, eventów, dydaktyki oraz tzw. grupa wsparcia. Nabór do sekcji ogłaszany jest przez Samorząd co najmniej raz w roku, a wybory na członków Samorządu odbywają się raz na dwa lata.

Kozminski International Society

KIS to organizacja studencka (od 2008 do 2020 r. działająca pod nazwą Kozminski Erasmus Student Network), której działalność polega na udzielaniu pomocy oraz reprezentowaniu interesów przyjeżdżających do nas studentów z zagranicy, a motto brzmi: "Students helping students". Członkowie KIS przejmują opiekę nad nowo przybyłymi już od chwili przyjazdu do Polski. Pomagają we wszystkich sprawach związanych z pobytem i studiami. Zapoznają cudzoziemców z kulturą polską, ze zwyczajami i tradycją. Organizują spotkania integracyjne i wycieczki. Starają się, by przyjezdni studenci poczuli się w Polsce jak u siebie.

Green Kozminski

Organizacja studencka działająca przy Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju, która skupia się na działalności w obszarze zrównoważonego rozwoju i odpowiedzialności biznesu. Green Kozminski to grupa studentów, która chce zmieniać świat. Śmiałym wyobrażeniem lepszej przyszłości, studenci aktywnie budują zaangażowanie Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego na rzecz kultywowania wartości wyrażonych w Celach Agendy 2030 ONZ na Rzecz Zrównoważonego Rozwoju.

Green Kozminski