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Scientific Clubs

Students of our University belong to and actively participate in the activities of scientific clubs, which are supervised by the scientific and didactic staff of the University. The purpose of the scientific clubs' activities is to enable students to deepen their knowledge according to their interests and to broaden their practical skills acquired during classes. Currently there are 13 scientific clubs active at the university.



Scientific Club

The Scientific Club brings together students of our Academy interested in mastering and continuously improving their skills of effective communication in business.

The scope of the circle's activity includes, among others, promoting the idea of effective business communication, developing the efficiency of effective business communication in various communication techniques and conducting research on the influence of cultural differences on business communication in foreign languages. Moreover, students analyze the form and content of business communication.

Members of the circle improve their language skills in translating business texts and everyday business communication, as well as develop individual research interests in business communication.

Supervisor of the club: Dr. Halina Wiśniewska from the KU Foreign Languages Center
Scientific Club for Marketing KREATYWNI

Scientific Club for Marketing KREATYWNI operating at Kozminski University deals with marketing in its broadest sense, starting from branding, market innovations, through strategies to Internet marketing.

Are you CREATIVE too? Do you have a positive energy and a head full of cool ideas?

Join us!

Supervisor of the club: Dr Anna Górska from the Marketing Department at KU

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Scientific Club for Decision Making Games DECYDENCI

The Scientific Club for Decision making games DECYDENCIoperates at the ALK Simulation Games and Gambling Center. Our task is to broaden interests and popularize simulation and decision games. Decision-makers organize events, build contacts, carry out projects, are not afraid of challenges.

Joining the Decision Games Learning Circle is a really good decision!

Supervisor of the club: Michał Jakubowski, MA, from the Department of Quantitative Methods and Applications of Computer Science at KU

Scientific Club for Investments KAPITALNI

The Scientific Club for Investments KAPITALNI enables its members to develop and deepen their knowledge of the functioning of financial markets, helps to raise investment awareness and enables the exchange of investment experience.

The Spervisor of the club: Prof. Adam Noga from the Department of Economics at KU

Scientific Club for TAX Law

The aim of the Scientific Club for TAX Law is to bring together students interested in the subject of taxes in the field of national, European and international law, as well as to indicate the presence of taxes and their fundamental importance in everyday life.

Tax law is a dynamic and intensively developing field of law, which is reflected in the interest of specialists in this discipline on the legal market. Cyclical meetings of the Circle take into account the broad interests of its members. Students have the opportunity to present their tax interests through presentations and discussions.

The Tax Law Circle brings together students of both law and economics interested in tax issues.

The supervisors of the club: Prof. Artur Mudrecki, Dr. Rafał Pasternak, Dr. Wojciech Dmoch

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Scientific Club for Financial Accounting AUDYTOR

Are you interested in financial accounting and auditing? Are you planning to tie your professional career to this area?

If so, then Scientific Club for Financial Accounting AUDYTOR is for you! We are primarily focused on broadening knowledge in the field of Polish and international accounting, taxes, auditing, as well as organizing debates aimed at exchanging opinions and opinions on the challenges posed by accounting and possible directions of financial reporting evolution.

Supervisor of the club: Karolina Skorulska from the Accounting Department at KU

Scientific Club for Sustainable Development WELL-BALANCED

The club was established to bring together students who want to work on developing their competences. By sustainable development we understand the balance between different aspects of human functioning in society and organization. We combine theory with practice in many different fields of science. The club carries out projects and research of an interdisciplinary nature. Through meetings with people involved in science or business and cooperation with companies, we gain practical knowledge about sustainable development.

Our name, WELL-BALANCED, indicates the pursuit of sustainable development of the organization and the balance between work and private life.

The group's activities focus on emphasizing the fact that interdisciplinarity and broad horizons based on personal competence are very important in managing a thriving organization.

Supervisor of the club: Dr Anna Czarczyńska from the Department of Economics at KU

Scientific Club for Intellectual Property Law ACTIO EFFICIENS

Scientific Club for Inellectual Property Law ACTIO EFFICIENS's goal is to broaden students' awareness of the ubiquitous field of intellectual property law by pointing out its presence and importance in everyday life.

Intellectual property law, which includes copyright and related rights as well as industrial property law, is an extensive and dynamically developing discipline of law, therefore the knowledge of the regulations governing the above is highly valued on the legal market. The Guardian of the Circle, together with the Board of Directors, strives to make the meetings develop for all participants - through discussions and short presentations, members simultaneously deepen their knowledge of intellectual property law as well as develop their oratory skills. ACTIO EFFICIENS is open to students interested in this topic, regardless of their level of knowledge, field and year of study and age.

Supervisor of the circle: Dr. Joanna Buchalska from the Department of Civil Law at KU

Scientific Club for Process, Project and Change Management SPINKA

Scientific Club for Process, Project and Change Management SPINKA

was established in 2012. The name SPINKA (Bucckle eng.) means that the concepts to which the scientific circle devotes its activities form one coherent system which connects the most important management issues.

The aim of the circle's activity is, among other things, to broaden the theoretical knowledge on project management, processes and changes in the organization. Moreover, development of skills in the field of project, process and change management through the implementation of numerous research works. The circle focuses primarily on using theoretical knowledge in practice!

Supervisor of the club: Waldemar Czachorowski from the Department of Quantitative Methods and Applications of Computer Science at KU

Scientific Club EX ANTE

EX ANTE (Latin: in advance) brings together people who already want to enter into the reality of legal problems they may experience in the future. We focus on practical knowledge, where paragraphs are the basis of the solution and not the essence of the problem. This allows us to learn in advance the best ways of dealing with legal conflicts.

Through our meetings we try to show the law as an interesting and transparent aspect of life and show young people that it is not limited to remembering successive articles, norms and decrees. We try to present the ways of interpreting the law in everyday situations and learn to see the numerous legal constructions among the organizations around us.

ex ante
Scientific Club LEX MEDICA

We are the Medical and Pharmaceutical Law Scientific Club LEX MEDICA, whose scope of activity includes scientific and research work concerning primarily medical law and related matters, with the aim of popularizing knowledge on this subject by organizing regular meetings, workshops, conferences, scientific sessions and trainings, as well as publication of research results and projects of the Club members.

Spervisor of the club: Dr. Radosław Tymiński


lex medica
Scientific Club for Economics, Politics, Society TIGER

The Scientific Club for Economics, Politics, Society TIGER is affiliated to the TIGER Scientific and Research Centre.

Our club is interdisciplinary; we focus on the problems of the modern world in the era of globalization and try to answer the questions of what, how and why and how to solve the problems of the present time. We place particular emphasis on economics, entrepreneurship, social relations and geopolitics. It is a circle created by and for students. We are not afraid to take up controversial topics, ask difficult questions, and put forward bold theses.

Studenckie Koło Naukowe Women in Organisations

Studenckie Koło Naukowe Women in Organisations powstało z potrzeby wspierania młodych kobiet wchodzących na rynek pracy. Wierzymy, że każda młoda kobieta ma w sobie potencjał pozwalający osiągnąć sukces. Poprzez warsztaty, szkolenia, prelekcje i spotkania z kobietami z różnych branż chcemy wspomagać je w ich drodze do sukcesu, wzmacniając ich pewność siebie i wiarę we własne możliwości. Dążymy do stworzenia przestrzeni do wymiany myśli, sugestii i pomysłów, dzięki której studentki będą mogły rozwinąć umiejętności niezbędne przyszłym liderkom.

Opiekunem koła jest dr Anna Górska.

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Kozminski Business Club

Kozminski Business Club is a student society at Kozminski University that connects top-tier Polish business people with students, enhancing their business and career awareness. KBC seeks to empower highly motivated students by providing them with valuable skills that will prepare them to excel as business leaders.

The activity of Kozminski Business Club is based on two pillars.

The first is to convene entrepreneurs among Kozminski University students as well as people interested in business and finance. KBC creates a platform where members from diverse backgrounds may exchange experience, inspire themselves mutually, develop business skills and network.

The second is to organize events, which promote entrepreneurship and inspire further development. We also organize events that will help you decide, which career you wish to pursue in the world of business and finance.

Logo Kozminski Business Club
Student Legal Clinic

Launched in January 2005, the Legal  Clinic at the Kozminski University College of Law is part of the legal clinics program developed by several Polish universities. Kozminski University was first private school participating in the project.  At the legal clinic, students under the supervision of faculty and practitioners provide free legal advice for poor members of the community. One of the main goals of the program is to provide hands-on experience to law students. This presents a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Only exceptional students are admitted to the program (gifted students in their  4th or 5th year of Law).  The providing legal aid to poor members of  the community (unemployed, homeless, retired, handicapped, crime victims and the women with difficult situation, foreigners, and refugees) is an important social mission that sheds light on the value of public service. It introduces students to social problems and enhances an awareness of poverty and human rights. It also fulfils the basic need of providing a society with free access to justice.

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