Talk to me kindly - a great campaign from The Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility


Hate. Hate or contempt speech. Propaganda or social manipulation. At the bottom of all these concepts is aggressive communication. We can agree to it and thus express our tacit consent to it, or we can oppose it.

In our Center for Research on Social Change and Human Mobility, the social campaign “Talk to me kindly” is being developed. The leader and originator of the campaign is Agata Jastrzębowska, Ph.D., a psychologist and social researcher dealing with psychosocial capitals of migrants and refugees.

I believe that the only way to counter aggressive communication is through education. We need to show people the causes and consequences of aggressive communication and that it is possible to communicate differently, politely, with respect” - says Agata Jastrzębowska, Ph.D.

Are you ready to change the way we converse? Do you want to be part of a movement that promotes healthy and constructive communication? Together, we can make our language a tool for understanding, not aggression.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the campaign here.


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